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Creative Ways For Marketing With Pinterest

Pinterest has been a pleasant surprise for many businesses looking to increase traffic to their web properties. However, it does take a certain level of proficiency to use the platform to get results worth talking about. Here are a few creative ways you can use Pinterest to bring in more leads and grow your business.

Build Authority

Pinterest is an excellent resource for establishing authority in your niche when you post pins pointing people to helpful, relevant resources. For instance, take these two case studies as examples. Carly from Mommy on Purpose uses Pinterest to teach people about what to expect when expecting a baby and how to cope as a new mother with a newborn. Through a strategic use of Pinterest, she manages to funnel well over 200,000 visitors to her site every month.

Image by lightfieldstudios, 123RF.

Angie Gensler from is another successful ‘Pintrepreneur’ who’s used Pinterest to establish herself as an authority in digital and social media marketing. Angie too, has leveraged the platform to grow her business into achieving over a million dollars in sales. In truth, brand authority is a valuable commodity in the marketing orbit. Without it, people are going to have a hard time believing you can solve their problems. Positive testimonials provide proof that your brand has the experience and know-how to deliver the solutions they need.

Create Pins for Testimonials and Happy Customers

Pinterest is a place where people collect ideas, but you can still achieve positive exposure if you use pins in creative ways. Why not use it to publish testimonials or case studies? After all, the link between your brand and customer testimonials is an absolutely important linchpin. Don’t worry about character limits like Twitter, because Pinterest is different. All pins have room for a lengthy description where you can put their testimonial blurb, along with a picture of a happy smiling customer using your product.

Image by lightfieldstudios, 123RF.

Not only are people putting their experience with a company on public record, but they are also expecting a response from a representative of the organization. This trait provides a fantastic opportunity for a company to open a dialogue with their customers while also showing that they are available and are not ignoring issues.

Creative Use of Video

Pinterest recently introduced video capability into its feed, which opens a whole stream of creative options. Using your phone in portrait mode to capture a product demonstration is just one idea.

Image by Patrick De Grijs, 123RF.

Videos on Pinterest don’t have to be full-length productions, and nor should they be. You can create a pin that has motion and flashy colors to draw the eye, or you could create a relatively simple slideshow to deliver more information than a static pin ever could. Don’t go overboard, as you want the pin to convey useful information as quickly as possible. As experts say, visuals are the secret sauce to converting prospective customers!

That’s the main bits for marketing with Pinterest in creative ways. More and more businesses are beginning to see the value of Pinterest marketing. If you aren’t yet on board, then now is the time to get started with this potentially powerful traffic pulling platform.


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