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Creative Photography Ideas for Valentines 2021

Valentine’s Day 2021 is right around the corner which means it is time to capture some precious moments with your significant other. Show love to your partner by planning your own DIY shoot to commemorate your relationship.

A good valentines shoot involves more than just posing. In our article, we will highlight a few important aspects that will make your valentines shoot ten times more memorable with some creative photoshoot ideas.

Embrace the Golden Hour

Golden hour is the period shortly after sunrise or before sunset. This is when the sky is at its reddest with softer light which provides you with the perfect ambient of warm and natural light to capture stunning photos. Try to time your shoot near the golden hour if you want those powerful shots to transform into something magical.

Recreate Some Precious Moments

Recreate some of your most memorable moments. Perhaps your first date or your first kiss? This can definitely spark up some nostalgic memories. Recreating the look both of you were wearing when you first met is also another great alternative. Take your time and get comfortable with each other, look for the right moment then just snap away.

If you’re unable to be at the exact same location, that’s okay. Try using a prop from that time or place, like a souvenir or something that represents that moment. Another alternative is to transport yourself back into time with seamless photo editing tools. Pixlr’s background remover helps to remove your image background in a couple of seconds, leaving you the freedom to composite any image you want to replace the background. 

Simply revive any favorite couple moment in general that suits your current situation.

Have Yourself an Indoor Shoot

Some of the very best photos come from indoor shoots if done right. Let the creative side out, build your own low cost photo booth with stuff you have laying around the house. For the backdrop, just hang up a blanket or cloth of your choice. Get props like flowers, soft toys, balloons or even cut up some paper hearts and place them around for the valentine’s effect.

Not keen on building a fancy photo booth? You can also do it on the bed! For a more comfortable and relaxed shoot, just put on your matching pyjamas with your partner, pick a spot, pose and start snapping away. Experiment with it, the outcome is sure to be a memorable one.

Signs of Love

Get crafty and hold up boards which tell a story. You can use normal paper, cardboard you have at your disposal or any writing materials you have at home. Do a little “he said, she said”, write down your feelings or even showcase some quotes. Don’t just include you and your partner in the photoshoot, make it an iconic valentine’s shoot instead.


There you have it, some ideas to get started this Valentine’s day. Cuddle up and start commemorating the love you and your partner share for each other. In years down the road, you’ll be able to look back and smile at the genuine moments you’ve captured.

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