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Creative Content To Promote Your Online Store Like A Pro

What do you think of when you hear the word e-commerce? Online shopping definitely comes to mind, or maybe you might even relate e-commerce to big names like Amazon, Best Buy, and eBay. A quick search command on Google or Alexa will run you a long list of online stores that clamor for your attention on the first page. From grocery shopping largely made popular with the impact of the recent pandemic, to clothing, tech gadgets and even home and office supplies available at a click, consumers are definitely showing preference for the convenience of online shopping.

Developing a strong digital marketing presence is crucial for online businesses. Whether you’re an individual running your own online store, or an employee at an e-commerce business, there’s plenty of branding and promotional content to explore in our library that can be useful for your marketing initiatives. Let’s get you started with some of our awesome resources.

Use Visuals For Better Online Store Visibility

Feminine, spring-themed promotional web banner designed by Maykin Parnusorn, 123RF.

There are lots of topics and themes housed under the e-commerce umbrella. How many can you think of? For example, we think of secure online shopping, time-saving convenience, fast checkout processes, and of course, every shopper’s favorite: sales and promotional codes. What sort of visuals would you use to promote your marketing offers?

Visualize Your Processes Or Products

Quick, easy, and convenient – that’s the basis of every business that has made the leap into the online industry. Think about creating eye-catching templates for your digital marketing endeavors and product pages. Creative, colorful vector designs such as these illustrations below could work well for explaining your online store’s products or checkout process. Designed vertically to suit a mobile shopping platform, these illustrations can showcase easy, comprehensive information in a bite-sized fashion. This also works perfectly for any business owner to help their customers visualize product explanations.

Modern, colorful template of online shopping stages designed by Ernest Akayeu, 123RF.

Purchasing process for an online store designed by darkovujic, 123RF.

Launching a grocery delivery startup, and searching for an explanatory process of how your online business works? Simple and clean template designs like this illustration pack shown below can tell a quick visual story to your potential customers.

E-commerce delivery template designed by Ernest Akayeu, 123RF.

Here’s a tip for deciding on your online store’s color scheme. Your customers depend on colors as visual cues, such as buttons for checking out their orders and redirecting to a payment page, for example. Make sure the text is clearly visible in contrast to the background of your website. If you’re only using the colors of your brand, pair them with a neutral color so that they can easily be seen. You’ll want to make it easy for customers to make orders on your website, not the other way around!

Designs For Any Online Store’s Marketing Campaigns

Web banners, social media posts, and display ads all need that special ingredient to make them pop. Attractive colors and appealing designs that are easy on the eye can invoke curiosity for a potential customer to click and make a purchase. Having a sitewide online promo, a big range of products on offer, or a huge mobile-only sale to announce on Facebook or Instagram? These fun, modern banner designs might do the trick! Add a promo code into the design or your social media captions to let your customers enjoy your store’s offer.

Big sale banner illustrated by aurielaki, 123RF.

Eye-catching flash sale banner designed by Pavlo Syvak, 123RF.

Does your business’ target audience lean more toward a fancier, cosmopolitan crowd? Perhaps you might find these simple, sophisticated banners could give your online store a subtle sales boost. Now, you can invoke a sense of urgency for your customers to purchase – with style. Pair these banners with a luxurious set of persuasive sales copy, and you are good to go.

Sleek, black vector banner designed by Maykin Parnusorn, 123RF.

Modern sales Instagram-sized post with calligraphy by layritten, 123RF.

Need to download any of these designs quickly? These vector files come in a variety of sizes and two formats, JPG and EPS, which you can alter to match your brand’s colors and identity. If you’re purchasing from our library for the first time, discover which pricing plan works for your creative needs.

Last but not least, once you’ve got all your design resources in order… what’s next? The designing process, of course! Out of budget to cover the expenses for hiring a designer? Try out Pixlr X, a free online creative tool that you can use to edit images right in your browser. You really don’t have to be a professional designer to use Pixlr X. It’s basic and easy enough for users of all creative levels to edit photos and create their own images for online use. For more on marketing creatively with images, you might want to check out this article.

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