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Create Breathtaking Images With Double Exposure Effects!

Double Exposure

This month’s Photoshop tutorial is nothing short of sleek. The creative impact of double-exposure will be thoroughly explored here.  So, why not spice up your images by adding somevibrance and a tinge of fun to get the results you desire?

Let’s get started!

Step 1

Start by opening the image that you will be using as the background into Photoshop. For this tutorial, a night cityscape image was used (Image ID: 13343320). Place the image of the girl(Image ID: 15717244) by dragging and dropping the file over the first image or by going toFile > Place. The transform tool will automatically be activated. Position the image in the middle and press Enter to apply the transformation. Set the layer blending mode to “Screen”.

Step 2

Now we have a double-exposure image but this isn’t done just yet. Let’s add some vibranceto this image with some tweaking. We want to make the girl’s face brighter and the other area darker. Start by adding a new “Curve” adjustment layer above the girl’s image. (Layer > New adjustment layer > Curve). Right click on the Curve adjustment layer and select “Create Clipping Mask”. This clipping mask enables the adjustment to only apply to the particular layer beneath it.

Step 3

Select the curve adjustment layer, double click on it and you will see the Properties window. Drag the highlight area up and drag the shadow area down. Refer below.

Here’s the before and after Curve layer adjustment

Step 4

Repeat the same steps to the background layer. Add a Curve layer adjustment above it and adjust the highlight and shadow accordingly. Using the curve adjustment layer, darken the whites in the background layer. This makes the background layer less competitive with the foreground layer. To do this, drag the top-right curves point downwards.

Step 5

Reduce the contrast of the background image by adding a “Hue/Saturation” adjustment layer above the background layer.

Step 6

Next, add another raindrop image (Image ID: 13787803) on top of the girl’s image. Set it to “Hard Light” blend mode and mask out the bottom area of the image. Set the layer opacity to 50%.

Step 7

Almost done. To further enhance it, add a bokeh image (Image ID: 20222483) on top of the raindrop layer. Set the blending mode to Screen at 50% opacity. Create another Curve adjustment layer above it and set its opacity to 70%.

Step 8

For that retro / vintage effect, add some flare to it. Create a new layer. Fill it with black color.(Alt/Option + Backspace).

Step 9

Then go to Filter > Render > Lens Flare.

Select 35mm Prime and adjust the brightness level that is suitable and apply it.

Step 10

Set this layer to Screen blending mode. Scale the layer to avoid too harsh light source on the overall composition. Set opacity to 85%. Mask out the area that covers the girl’s face.

Step 11

Add a Curve adjustment layer above the flare layer and create a clipping mask. Set the highlight and shadow accordingly (refer below) to even out the contrast of the flare.

Final Results

Here’s another sample showing the effect.

That’s a wrap! Stay tuned for more awesome tutorials coming your way soon!

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