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Create Awesome Custom Products Using Patterns

From your phone cover, laptop skin, to the t-shirt on your back, customizing everything to fit your personality and style is always fun. Whether you’re into personalizing your furniture with printed cushion covers, making DIY tapestry prints, enamel pins, buttons and more, the options are endless when it comes to expressing yourself with things that are totally you! If you’re running your own online business and in need of unique custom prints and patterns, you’re in the right virtual marketplace.

Create Awesome Custom Products Using Textures and Patterns - 123RF Blog

Quick and easy designs

Convenience is key when it comes to picking out the perfect design for tote bag or phone cover you’ve been wanting to print on. Simply run a search on our library with the keywords “pattern” or “seamless pattern” to get yourself started. Some extra keywords you can definitely use to narrow down your searches are: abstract pattern, watercolor pattern, floral pattern. If you’re looking for simple shapes and the like with a bright, creative layout, you can go with these: fruit pattern, donut pattern, star pattern, heart pattern, and any other themes of shapes or food that you can think of. These work well and make for fun designs to customize anything – think about notebook cover designs, planner designs, iPad cover art – the design possibilities are endless.

For seasonal themed artwork, try these keywords instead: Christmas seamless pattern, reindeer pattern, 4th of July pattern, Thanksgiving pattern, Halloween pattern. These seasonal topics will open up a slew of fun and creative patterns for you to work with.

Ready made custom pattern designs at your fingertips

Looking to buy stock photos or vector illustrations to create custom products? Whether your target market is young adults, parents or children, 123RF’s extensive library is easy to use and has everything you need to make quick and easy designs for your products. And if you’re an independent designer looking for a platform to sell your creative art, you might want to explore how 123RF works. Becoming a 123RF contributor can net you passive income even while you sleep, especially once you’ve figured out how to work the 123RF marketplace and get your work noticed by millions of customers every month.

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