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Create A Custom Shape Brush, Pattern And Wrapping Text

Brushes and patterns can be used to make many cool effects. You can customize practically any shapes that you want easily. Once created, it will be saved and stored in your presets, ready to be used in your design.

Before & After

Lets get started.

Rays Coming Through the Window  1) Open your image. Image ID: 4196505 © Larisa Lofitskaya

Draw long rectangular shapes from the ceiling and merge them under the same layer.

Slant and transform the shape.

2) Go to Filter > Blur > Motion Blur and make the appopriate settings.

Next, go to Filter > Blur > Gaussian Blur to soften the rays.

Transform and Distort the shape to expand the rays.

3) Double click the layer and enter Blending Options. Give color to the rays by following the settings below:

Remove excessive rays blocking the object’s face using the Masking tool.

4) Color the window in pink to create a warm ambiance, then change the Blending Mode to Overlay.

You can also add colors to the wall to enhance its ambience. Create a blank layer, brush suitable colors on it and change its Blending Mode to Overlay. You should see something like this:

Create a Custom Brush 5) Trace the signature “Pink Ribbon” using Path Tool.

6) Fill color to the traced area. Add gradient where you see appopriate and remove the background to leave it transparent.

7) Go to Edit > Define Brush Preset to save the brush.

Name it “Ribbon”.

You can now see your “ Ribbon” in the preset.

Create Different Sizes of Ribbon Coming in Through the Window 8) Click on the Brush option bar.

9) Brush the Ribbon all over the rays in different sizes

10) Enter Blending Options to adjust the pink ribbons’ color.

You will see a similar outcome as shown below. Flatten the layers when you are satisfied with the results.

Wrapping Text Around the Object 11) Duplicate layer again. Draw a rectangular shape where you wish to place your text (making sure you have selected the Draw Simple Paths option from the Options bar).

12) Subtract the area surrounding the model using a Pen Tool. With the Pen Tool selected, make sure the Simple Paths Option (highlighted in pink) is still in selection before choosing Subtract From Path Area.

13) Apply text into the rectangular area. You will see the path area automatically defining the space for your text.

14) Adjust the text Opacity to 25%

Create Custom Pattern 15) Create a new document of 4 x 4 pixels. Zoom in your document to the max. Draw a line (it should appear pixalated) as shown below:

16) Go to Edit > Define Pattern and name it “pattern line”

17) Now that we have got the pattern defined, duplicate the layer and go to Edit > Fill. Fill the area with the pattern we have just created.

Next, change the Blending Mode to Linear Burn, and set the opacity to 25%. You will see something like this :

18) Remove any pattern overlapping the object using the masking option. Adjust the contrast and color to enhance the result.

Make further adjustments to you liking and you’ll have your very own Breast Cancer Awareness poster!

Final effect:

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