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Copyrighted Material That 123RF Does Not Accept

Getting yourself involved in a copyright infringement case can be a very sticky situation. To avoid contributors from submitting materials which will potentially raise any copyright issues, 123RF has created a guide which lets contributors be in the know of any possible content that will be rejected based on our copyrighted list.

List of Copyrighted or Unacceptable Items

Kindly take note of the following references of items that 123RF will not accept due to copyright reasons. This list is by no means exhaustive but these are the ones that we are well aware or have been made aware of. 123RF shall try its best to update this list as well as the references to the various sites.

Contributors are encouraged to be aware of these items and try their best to avoid sending us material which have logos or contain marks of these products, brands and/or locations.

  1. Agatha Christie Lounge, Pera Palas Hotel (Building)

  2. Beverly Hills Sign / Beverly Hills Shield / Beverly Hills,_California

  3. Baltimore & Ohio Railroad Museum, B & O Railroad Museum -building…interior & exterior

  4. Bulldog Clip, Bulldog Clips (stationery)

  5. Canadian passport,canada passport

  6. The Gherkin, 30 St Mary Axe (London), Swiss RE Tower

  7. HSBC, The Hong Kong and Shanghai Banking Corporation

  8. Haribo, gummi bear,gummy bear,gummybears,gummi bears

  9. imac (macintosh, mac)

  10. Louvre and IM Pei’s Pyramid

  11. Moet et Chandon / Moet & Chandon / Moet and Chandon

  12. Millennium Park,Chicago – Lurie Garden

  13. Rubik’s Cube, Rubiks Cube, Rubics Cube, Rubix Cube, Rubik’s, Rubiks, Rubics, Rubix

  14. Raggedy, Raggedy Ann, Raggedy Andy, Raggedy Ann doll

  15. Sacagawea Coin, Sacagawea Dollar

  16. The British Airways London Eye Millennium Wheel, London Eye, Millenium Wheel

  17. The Getty Center, Getty Center, The J. Paul Getty Museum, J.Paul Getty Museum, Getty Museum

  18. The Inukshuk (Vancouver)

  19. The Pacific Exchange, Pacific Stock Exchange

  20. Coat of arms of Germany(Bundesadler)

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