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Content Creation With November Trending Keywords

Welcome back to our monthly keyword curation guide in November where we list out a set of top trending keywords to assist you to prepare for the months of December and January (Maybe a little bit of February too). So let’s get going!


(snow, frost, snowflake, cold)





Take this opportunity and utilize the coldest season of the year as a content creation theme by using it to your advantage in terms of maximising exposure and downloads! As you can see, winter has always been one of the more popular topics towards the end of a year. So make sure you have them nicely tucked in your portfolio. Potential clients are on the lookout for winter images that often include a snowy background, one or a few floating snowflakes or a warm, comfortable space by the fire.


Christmas Part 3

(santa claus, christmas lights, christmas borders)

Finally we’ve reached the finale of our Christmas keyword trend. We hope that by now you would already have a few Christmas themed images ready in your portfolio because December is the peak search and download month for all things Christmas! Our final highlight for this month will be Santa Claus, Christmas lights and Christmas borders. Based on last year’s statistics, a classic Santa holding a bag of gifts by the fireplace seemed to top the list while multicolored Christmas light vectors were a favorite and watercolor Christmas borders of pine leaves and mistletoe had the most downloads!


Happy New Year

(new year, fireworks, 2022)

In just a blink of an eye a new year is fast approaching us. It certainly goes without telling that after Christmas, this is the next best event to set your eyes on. Our data shows as much as 5 times the increase in the searches and downloads from the month of November to December in 2020. That’s certainly eye opening! Related content such as fireworks and the year “2021” designs showed similar statistics. Therefore, we’re pretty sure that graphics for the year “2022” will yield the same results.





Not sure what to focus on for your new year content? Fear not! We’re here to inspire you with a few of these ideas as they were amongst some of the most popular ones last year. First off is the simple and minimalistic black or gold new year greetings; that is aesthetically pleasing especially when paired with calligraphic fonts or filigree designs. Apart from that, new year designs with champagne glasses, gold colored glitter, confetti and twirl ribbons were in high demand too. So make sure you don’t miss out on all of these key points.


Chinese New Year

(cny, chinese new year 2022)

What is as big as the western new year? It is of course the eastern version – Chinese New Year (CNY). If you’ve watched Bling Empire, you would definitely know what we’re talking about. Our figures from last year show that people start searching and preparing for CNY content at least 2 to 3 months ahead, steadily increasing along the way. CNY 2022 will start on 1st February which makes it the best time now to start preparing and uploading CNY related contents.



Red is a very auspicious color for the Chinese therefore any CNY designs must of course carry tones and hues of red. Card designs and banners are among the highly downloaded images with designs of spring, blooming flowers, Chinese greetings, family gatherings, gold ingots and the respective zodiac animal for the year. Next year’s zodiac animal is the tiger, so it’s good to keep it in mind while preparing CNY contents for the year 2022.


Other significant events that you can add on to your portfolio in the month of December are World Aids Awareness Day (1st of December), Boxing Day (26th of December) and New Year’s Eve (31st of December). You can also consider uploading holiday themed designs and images as December is also the school holidays and winter breaks where family gatherings and children activities are quite common. Don’t forget to check out our Christmas Part 1 and Christmas Part 2 keyword trends which we’ve covered earlier in September and October’s edition. With that said, we hope you’ll find all this information useful for your next upload and we’ll see you again next month!

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