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Content Creation With June Trending Keywords

Have your downloads been stagnant? Fear not, we are here to help increase your download count with our trending keywords for the month of June. Check out the keywords below.

Father’s Day (happy dad, father’s day background, father and child)

One of the highest searched keywords is definitely Father’s Day as June is the month for fathers. The crowd would naturally lean towards searching and downloading content that can help them create or promote warm and fond memories with their fathers. Content that would be a great hit would be in the form of Father’s Day card designs and creative backgrounds, activities which highlight bonding moments with father and child or other family members.

Summer (summer, summer food, summertime, summer sale)

The summer theme is also a highly popular keyword search. Although the pandemic may stop us from traveling, people still get to create their own paradise with our available images. So don’t miss out on jumping onto this summer’s bandwagon in creating fun filled images of illustrated summer designs, summer posters, refreshing summer drinks and food, relaxing scenery, and many more.

Abstract (abstract, abstract design, abstract background)

It seems interesting to note that the keyword ‘abstract’ has had a consistent high in our search and downloads. We attribute this to the nature of abstract images and visuals that allow a lot of flexibility and freedom in creating whatever projects that a user might need. That being said, abstract images can be represented in many different ways from the use of shapes, variety of colors, textures, forms and so on. A key point to note is to think about creating content that can be used as wallpapers, slides and modern background templates.

Healthcare (healthcare, healthcare illustration, healthcare and medical)

Image by Maridav

Health is quickly becoming one of the more crucial topics in life especially in a time such as this. Sanitation and cleanliness has never been more emphasized. In this battle with the ongoing pandemic, the use of visuals are highly important to paint better pictures and create greater reminders for keeping each other safe. Contributors can jump right into this by providing content that revolves around personal hygiene, people with masks, social distancing, medical personnel, sanitation or medical equipment, supplements and so on. Other notable events of the season you can consider are working from home, yoga (International Yoga Day), and Independence Day (4th of July). Whether your forte is taking stunning photos or creating vector illustrations, let your artistic ideas flow and create your own content to fit these June trending keywords. Overall, be mindful of the quality of your content to ensure good sales. Using accurate and relatable keywords can also help boost your content exposure. Think about what buyers would want to purchase and what they’ll be using it for. Stay tuned for our compilation of July’s trending keywords next month.

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