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Content Creation With January Trending Keywords

Welcome back to our monthly keyword curation guide in January where we list out a set of top trending keywords to assist you to prepare for the month of March, where we look into women empowerment, a world of colors and beautiful wildlife. So let’s jump right in!

International Women’s Day

(8 march, inclusiveness, women, empowerment)



Women empowerment has strengthened the core of our society. It is a much supported movement that people are attentive to. Advertisers and marketers alike know how to leverage on this as we see a stark jump in the search and downloads for related keywords such as “International Women’s Day” and “Women’s Day”. The numbers did not just double up but increased three to six folds from February to March.

Therefore, if you’re looking to maximize account exposure and get some extra downloads; now is the time. Highly sought after images include strong women, women diversity, business woman leading her team, gender equality and also flat lay or illustration designs with the text 8 march.


Holi Festival

(holi, holi colors, holi background)

The Holi Festival 2022 falls on the 18th of March and is a Hindu festival that originated from India. It is also known as the Festival of Colors, Love or Spring. This vibrant and colorful celebration is one of India’s most vivid and joyous festivals. We see the searches and downloads for this festival peak in March as well.


World Wildlife Day

(wildlife, wild animals, endangered species, wildlife conservation)


World Wildlife Day was designated to help us raise awareness and take good care of our wild flora and fauna. It was set by the UN to be on 3rd March. Due to this, we see a significant increase in search numbers for wildlife in the month of March. We encourage contributors to take hold of this opportunity to increase portfolio visibility and possibly increase downloads too just by adding this topic to their collection.


Other significant observances that you can add to your portfolio for March are flowers, gardens, and wide open field related contents as March also marks the beginning of Spring in the Northern Hemisphere. It is also the Red Cross month worldwide and the National Nutrition month in the US. So there you have it, our scoop for the month! Tune in again next month for more tips and ideas on contents to upload.

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