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Content Creation With August Trending Keywords

It’s the 8th month of the year! Sit back and keep scrolling as we are about to reveal our top trending keywords for the month of August:


(autumn, autumn leaves, autumn landscape)




As we enter the third quarter of the year, leaves begin to fall and autumn is calling. Searches for autumn content will start soon and peaks around September and October. You may create some flat lay autumn borders or frames, autumn background designs, or illustrations of autumn patterns.



(business, business background, work from home, office)




You can’t go wrong with business related topics as it is one of our evergreen, highly searched and downloaded content. Amidst the pandemic, business is gaining pace and opening up again in some parts of the world. We welcome content of photos; be it working in the office or working from home. Business concepts using double exposure techniques are quite popular. You may also include converted home spaces into workstations with companies allowing work from home policy as part of your content.



(coffee, coffee background, coffee beans)




There’s been an increase in coffee related quotes or memes in the online realm. Hence, coffee is no stranger and finds its spot among one of our most searched and downloaded keywords. Be it hot or cold coffee, fresh coffee beans to coffee art; these make a good content choice that you may consider adding into your portfolio.



(cat, kitten, feline, kitty)




Did you know that 8th of August is International Cat Day? These adorable little felines also managed to top our charts for both search and downloaded contents. Therefore, you’ll have no regrets adding these furkids on our platform.


Other noteworthy events happening in the month of August are International Youth Day (12th Aug 2021), India Independence Day (15th Aug 2021). Create your own masterpiece to fit these August trending keywords. Think about what buyers would want and how they’ll be using it. Good quality content ensures good sales. Finally, stay tuned for our compilation of September’s trending keywords next month.

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