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Content Creation With April Trending Keywords

Welcome back to our monthly keyword curation guide in April where we list out a set of top trending keywords to assist you to prepare for the month of July. Here we look at one of the most celebrated summer events in the United States, namely the Fourth of July celebration, the expressive world of emoji and the generic patterns that hit our top charts in July.

Fourth of July

(fourth july, 4th july, happy 4th july, 4th july background, independence day)

As we slowly move into midsummer, Fourth of July becomes one of the major holidays that brings friends and families together. Therefore, most businesses, advertisers and marketers won’t miss this opportunity to prepare for a holiday sale. With that being said, many will be looking for suitable content for their media promotion.

USA flag. American flag. American flag blowing wind at sunset or

American flag grunge greeting card background

USA are celebrate 4th of July

Now is a great time to start preparing for such contents and we’re here to help! According to our data, the search and downloads related to this event will peak in June. Content wise, many prefer downloading Fourth of July themed backgrounds with copyspace. Make sure to include iconic elements such as the colors blue, red and white, the American flag, stars, stripes, fireworks, sparklers, even food like hotdogs and more.


World Emoji Day

(emoji, emoticon, smiley)

Fun fact: World Emoji Day is celebrated on the 17th of July! Everyone knows the adorable little yellow guy filled with all sorts of emotions that we use to convey expressions and feelings on our text communications. These emojis are constantly evolving into many different variations even until now. Ultimately, they are becoming part of a universally understood language that we use daily.

Set of emoji emoticon character faces with the word thanks, 3D R

3d Emojis icons with facial expressions.

Woman taking a photo of the sunset

Even brands and companies have started incorporating emojis into their marketing strategies to capture attention. Using imagery in communication helps make content more humanized and engaging. Hence, equipped with this knowledge we can say that by including emojis in your portfolio you definitely stand a chance to reach a wider audience and greater exposure. Our highly sought after emoji contents involve sets with multiple expressions and creative combinations of photography with emojis.


Pattern Design

(pattern, seamless pattern, pattern background)

Patterns are a versatile design that can be used in almost any project. People use them as backgrounds, wallpapers to create accents, fill up shapes and many more. An evergreen topic that is constantly searched, this is backed by the consistent volume that we see in our search and download data.

seamless floral pattern, wild red purple flowers, botanical illu

Ice cream seamless pattern, colorful summer background, deliciou

Green leaves seamless pattern. Summer floral background

With the right combination and design, anything can be made into a pattern. Be it photographic, digital or even hand drawn; different styles bring out different tones and end products. Graphic designers and advertisers alike are always on the lookout for these elements to help build their product labels, poster designs and even branding elements. Whether you choose to create a playful summer theme or an elegant floral pattern; rest assured that this type of content is definitely something worth looking into.


That’s all the topics we have for this round and we hope this gives you something to work on for the next few months. Another significant observance that you can consider is Canada Day which falls on the 1st of July. Apart from that, it would be a good idea to focus on summer themed contents! So there you have it, our scoop for the month! Tune in again next month for more tips and ideas on contents to upload.

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