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Coachella Outfit Ideas for Last – Minute Shoppers

Spring sees the start of one of the best festivals in the world, Coachella. Therefore, you’ve gotta look your best. However, choosing what to wear, especially with less than a week to go, is easier said than done. Check out our ultimate Coachella outfit ideas guide, as we walk you through some of the most fashion forward options for everyone.

Coachella Outfit Ideas for Him

Men in black

This is perfect for minimalist out there. An all-black look will never go out of style. So if dudes out there are on a tight budget, you’d be glad to know that your Coachella outfit does not have to break your bank. To edge up your outfit, pair it with your favorite hat.

Denim for days

You can’t go wrong with denim. Jeans, shirts, jackets, you name it, denim is the most versatile piece of garment in the fashion industry. If a little black dress is a woman’s bff, then a denim shirt is a man’s essential. And Coachella’s laid-back vibe is one of the best places to put this combination to the test.

Spring shorts

It’s rather difficult to imagine taking on a spring music festival without a pair of shorts. Now hang on here, we’re not endorsing those super short shorts that expose your upper inner thighs and its hidden treasures. Similarly, it’s best to avoid three-quarter length pieces that scream Adam Sandler taking a dog for a walk. Like everything else in life gentlemen, size and length matter.

Coachella Outfit Ideas for Her

Chic dresses

Think less teen rebel, more sophisticated senorita. While Coachella will see plenty of denim inspired shorts and crop tees, especially among the college kids, these dresses ensure you channel your inner diva, while standing out from the crowd, for a good reason. For those looking to glam up their outfit, opt for a lace dress over the usual cotton staple.

Floral skirts

Floral skirts are fantastic. They’re super comfy and they look amazing. Additionally, they can be worn in many ways. A good rule would be to keep your top in a neutral or solid tone, as it allows the colorful skirt to truly stand out. Meanwhile, for Instagram influencers, match your skirt to the color tone of your monthly feed, creating a stunning profile layout that will grab plenty of attention.

Vogue cover model

This is for the bold and beautiful. Forget what’s in your closet and get ready to swipe your cards. Coachella is one of the most glamorous festivals out there. It may not be a once in a lifetime experience, but it sure is a massive tick in most of our bucket lists. So be ready to get your hands on the ultimate statement piece.

For more fashion inspiration, check out our dressing guide for your creative job. Alternatively, if you’re too late to get your hands on the Coachella ticket, drown your sorrows and treat yourself to a trip to breathtaking Nepal.

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