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Check Out The Winners Of Picture Scandinavia!

123RF and Canon are proud to present the winners in our latest 2014 Picture Scandinavia contest! The quality of the entered work was very high and the mentors found it very hard to select just a few winners out of this pool of talented Scandinavian photographers. We thank everyone for their contribution and the mentors in particular for their inspiration and feedback. We congratulate the winners with their great work and Canon and 123RF prizes. We’re looking forward to seeing you back at a future challenge.

If you don’t know what Picture Scandinavia is, it’s an initiative by 123RF and Canon with media partners Kamera&Bild and 1X aiming to obtain new and fresh Scandinavian-themed content from photographers of all levels. To spur creative minds, the contest consisted of 4 briefs with a mentor- an expert in that category – attached to each one.

The briefs were:

*Staged portrait with mentor Martin Bubandt

*Street photography with mentor Christina N Andersen

*Unexpected Selfie with mentor Bobby Anwar

*Style with mentor Julie Pike.

(For more pictures and information about the winners, go to our Contest Winners page)

Not only does this contest support and motivate amateur and pro photographers alike, it also ignites a sense of discovery into what Scandinavia has to offer. Through Picture Scandinavia, the photographers had a chance to learn, develop and be inspired by their surroundings. Furthermore, they have a chance of publishing their work and earning money with the help of 123RF.

After combing through thousands of entries, the judges struggled to find just two winners due to the extremely high level of entries. But a decision had to be made! Thus, a winner and a runner up were chosen for each brief – totaling 8 winners.  And boy, these winners sure won themselves some amazing prizes! The first was a Canon EOS 70D and the second prize – a PowerShot G1 X mark II. That’s not all! An overall winner was also chosen – a “Grand Prix” – who walked away with a brand new Canon EOS 5D mark III. Check out their work!

Unexpected Selfie Brief – Mentor Bobby Anwar (DK)

Winner First Prize

Pinhole Self Portrait By Ming Unn,  (Norway)

What The Mentor Said:

“Dark, drawing & a almost anonymous. I kept coming back to this one. I simply love the mystique, who is this person? why is she in the woods. Clever execution & totally in sync with the creative thinking out of the box. Well done!”

Runner Up Second Prize

What The Mentor Said:

“I absolutely love the creativity displayed here. Well thought of & executed. Thinking out of the Box.”

Street Photography Brief – Mentor Christina Andersen (DK)

Winner First Prize

Oslo 2014 by Henning S. Pettersen (Norway)

What The Mentor Said:

“A feast for the eyes in terms of shapes, lines and textures. I love that we can barely see the man sitting in the train, but I get a sense of him just the same. Just wonderful.”

Runner Up Second Prize

Passage by Svein Nordrum (Norway)

What The Mentor Said:

“Beautiful composition and shadow play. The swirls and shapes make a harmonic image that is very pleasing to the eye. And the exposure is spot on.”

Style Photography Brief – Mentor Julie Pike (NO)

Winner First Prize

Bliss by Emelie Lundqvist (SE)

What The Mentor Said:

“This image has an amazing atmosphere and light. It feels unforced and natural. A true captured moment.”

Runner Up Second Prize

Alterego Dance by Lisalove Bäckman (SE)

What The Mentor Said:

“This is an amazing series with a very unique style and artistic feel. Both creatively and technically of the highest level.”

Staged Portrait Brief – Mentor Martin Bubandt (DK)

Winner First Prize

Taking Farewell by Beate Behnke

What The Mentor Said:

“This a great intriguing portrait. The mist and the deer movement created a magical captivating moment. It triggers your imagination and stays with you.”

Runner Up Second Prize

To Something New by Gina C.K (Norway)

What The Mentor Said:

“This photo stood out to me. I like the viewer’s interaction with the girl’s direct stare and the simple expression of the photo overall. The textures are lovely and it leaves a lot of room for interpretation.”

And lastly…


Henning S Pettersen Olso, Norway

(Also First Prize winner of the Street Photography brief category)

View his profile on Picture Scandinavia!

What The Lucky Winners Won!


Love the images that you see here? Do join us again for the next contest and blow your creative minds away! Or if you are interested to be our valued contributor and possibly gain some pocket money at the same time, click here: Be A 123RF Contributor

For more information, please contact:

Eva Johansson

Direct: +46 8 408 39528


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