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Celebrating Women's Equality Day: Championing Diversity and Inspiring Change with 123RF

Every year in August, we celebrate the progress we've made towards gender equality, and acknowledge the journey ahead. At 123RF, we believe in empowering change through imagery, and what better way to honor this day than by showcasing our diverse collections that celebrate women in all their splendid variety?


Together We Rise

Afro American woman protesting with group of female activists

This collection highlights the courage and tenacity of women activists. They're champions of change, demanding justice and equality for all.


Pride & Progress

A lesbian couple in a pride parade

A celebration of LGBTQ+ women who've played significant roles in advancing progress, demonstrating that love knows no boundaries.


Curve Culture

Two plus size women in underwear laughing and looking at each other

Showcasing women from plus-sized communities, this collection celebrates body positivity and self-love, challenging societal norms of beauty.


Different and Limitless

Young beautiful woman with disability who uses a wheelchair

Highlighting women with disabilities, this collection breaks stereotypes, proving that one's abilities are not defined by their physical condition.


Suits & Power

Group of happy multiethnic businesswomen with arms crossed standing in office

This collection shines a spotlight on women leaders, CEOs, and other powerful figures, proving that gender is no barrier to success.


Inspiring Educators

Happy kids and teacher at school

Paying tribute to women educators who've dedicated their lives to teaching and inspiring the next generation, fostering a future of equality.


Love You, Mom!

Little girl daughter kissing her mother pregnant belly

Celebrating mothers everywhere, this collection captures their strength, love, and nurturing spirit, reinforcing that every day is Mother's Day.


Unlock More Collections

At 123RF, our extensive library of diverse and inclusive images is continuously growing. Our AI-powered search engine is designed to provide you with the most accurate results, so you can find the perfect images to celebrate Women's Equality Day. Let's amplify the voices and stories of women worldwide, for today and all the tomorrows to come.


As we celebrate Women's Equality Day, let's remember that progress towards true equality is an ongoing journey. By showcasing and celebrating women from all walks of life, we hope to inspire positive change and contribute to a more inclusive and equitable world.


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