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Catching Artistic Feels With Illustrator Angelina Chirkova

Patterns with vibrant hues? Check! Dive into the gorgeous, trendy illustrations of Russian illustrator Angelina Chirkova. Whether you’re looking for hip, tropical styles or fierce tiger prints, Angelina’s illustrations are sure to add a splash of creativity to your designs. Explore Angelina’s portfolio in the link above to discover her creative contemporary works!

1) How did you start out with illustration and graphic design?

From an early age I was fond of drawing. In high school, I studied at an art school. Then I entered university for a course in Graphic Design and Illustration. After finishing my studies, I got a job in illustration, but there were a lot of routine tasks. At some point I decided to try freelance. My two classmates were already contributing to stock content websites, they helped me a lot in this new area.

At first it was necessary to paint a lot of content, so I tried different techniques. Over time, I found my own individual style. For me, this is a creative realization and the opportunity to improve my skills and knowledge. It’s great when your hobby is at the same time your job!

2) What advice would you give others who have just started doing illustration? Are there any downsides to this profession?

Diligence and hard work is the secret of a successful illustrator. I would recommend drawing and sketching more from real figures. It is also necessary to learn the basics of composition and it would be nice to take several sessions with the teacher.

Do not be afraid to paint different things and something new, completely unusual for you. Try different techniques, colors, tools.

More practice. Draw everywhere – at home, in the street, in the subway. You can take an iPad or notepad with you and constantly sketch.

Only practice will help you find your style and yourself as an artist.

Get inspired by modern stock artists, design trends.

The pitfalls in the illustration are mainly about plagiarism or copying. Study other people’s work, their technique, the colors, the manner of presentation, lines. Look for your style, your individualism. “Watching” the work of other designers, you get the best experience from everyone.

3) Tell us about your drawing inspiration.

I am inspired by everything that surrounds me, nature, architecture, people, travel, chatting with friends, films, books, all kinds of exhibitions and art projects. And, of course, I am inspired by the work of contemporary and classic artists.

4) What’s on your inspiration playlist?

I am a music lover, I listen to different music in different moods. Some of my favorites are Billie Eilish, Travis.

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