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Build Your Brand’s Social Media With Authentic Photos

The age old saying that an image speaks more than words holds true in our current visual-driven society. An image will attract and retain more audience attention for much longer than a plain chunk of text would. Here’s a quick read on amplifying your social media identity through the use of images. One of the most popular ways a brand can reach and persuade an audience is by making use of authentic photos for their social feeds.

What Makes An Authentic Photo?

Subtract the staged models posing with forced smiles. A moment that’s been captured at the perfect point in time is what makes up a large chunk of a photo’s authenticity. You can tell the difference between a staged and an authentic shot with this photo comparison below. Which setting looks more genuine?

Using Authentic vs Staged Photos

Which would you be more likely to purchase a pair of shoes:

  1. in a very staged shot of a smiling man holding up the choice footwear?

  2. in a well captured shot of the shoes?

A majority of consumers would choose the latter because it’s straightforward – the store is selling the shoes, and is keeping things simple by choosing to focus on the product itself and not bells and whistles.

Use Photos That Communicate Trust

In every social media post that has a visual, an audience are 10x more likely to subconsciously focus on how genuine the image appears. That’s why user-generated images have a higher chance of producing better organic audience engagement. There’s a distinct lack of staged shots directed by a photographer under professionally placed lighting.

There’s no denying that social media is one of the most effective ways for brands to reach out to an audience. Whether you’re an established entrepreneur or just starting out in brand-building, committing to genuine, unstaged photos will help boost your brand’s validity.

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