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Brand Authenticity: How To Build Trust With Your Audience

What do you look for in a brand? Whether it’s a product or a service, a customer expects transparency and to be able to rely on the brand to deliver as promised. Trust is vital when it comes to growing brand loyalty and solidifying proof the brand exists to provide customers with the right solutions. And from trust stems brand authenticity.

Ditch The Bots

Your audience is human. While there are available chatbots that are set to give your audience automated replies, it’s always best to opt for a human touch with your brand. For example, what if your customers have questions that need more in-depth answers that is beyond a machine’s programmed capability? Constantly relying on a chatbot to respond to your audience and potential customers will only serve to frustrate them. When you speak with other people, you would use casual speech, so do the same through your social media.

Be Yourself

While other brands may have their identity down to the least performing social media post, you don’t have to copy them. In fact, you shouldn’t be doing anything close to that. Your audience will be quick to identify fakes, and the last thing you want to be known as is unoriginal. What works for another brand might not work for yours. Developing your own brand voice shows your audience that you’re unique in what you believe in.

Don’t Go The Hardsell Route

Too much selling and not enough educating is going to bring your brand down to its knees. Opt for serving short informational pieces across your content marketing platforms in the required formats. When you teach something valuable, you’re bound to have a grateful, loyal audience that appreciates what you’re giving.

Focus On Others

People don’t want to listen to you talk about yourself. They want to know you’re listening to them. By staying interested, observing and showing your audience that you’re sincere, you’ll gain more trust than a brand only shouting about themselves. Promoting others in your industry orbit without the expectation of receiving in return will also benefit your trust building.

Choose Quality, Authentic Photos

Low resolution, blurry images will only serve to show your brand isn’t really invested and will resort to slapdash efforts to get the job done quickly. Take advantage of using genuine photos will promote your brand’s authenticity, especially on social platforms. For example, check out these tips to help you choose stock images for LinkedIn posts.

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