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Boost Your Coronavirus Remote Work Plan With These Top 4 Tools

How are businesses keeping their employees safe? Remote working may be one of the rising strategies in keeping the coronavirus (Covid-19) at bay, but with that comes certain difficulties. When you’re running a business, spending time on your marketing plan is vital to ensuring there is a steady stream of new leads and paying customers. Without marketing, it will be almost impossible to keep the doors open.

Creative work and marketing can take a considerable chunk of time out of your day, which is time you would rather spend looking after your customers. Fortunately, automation tools have grown sophisticated enough to handle many of your digital marketing tasks so that you don’t have to worry about increasing your staff count, at least not yet. Here’s how you can boost your coronavirus remote work plan. These online-based tools will make your business run smoother in light of remote working.

Communicating across borders?

Corporate+ will come in handy when you need to:

  1. share files or image Likeboxes and tag downloaded content

  2. organize teams and delegate tasks

  3. retain your brand presence

  4. license content with total peace of mind

What is 123RF’s Corporate+?

It’s an innovative platform with close to 100 million stock content assets that offers user-friendly tools and resources to help creative teams collaborate better. Now, everyone can focus on what they love best – designing and just being creative.

Completely developed according to user feedback, 123RF’s Corporate+ features a range of settings that can further boost your team’s remote work flow.

Need access to creative software?

Free online tools such as Pixlr X and Pixlr E can help with your marketing team’s creative work. Simplify the flow by adding them to your business’ coronavirus remote work plan. With the aid of these convenient, fast, and easy online-based image editing tools, you don’t need to worry about having to pay and install creative software.

Pixlr X

Get the job done twice as fast with user-friendly simple photo edits, such as resizing, cropping, adding text and making AI-powered cutouts.

Pixlr E

Once you’ve graduated from X, you can advance to E’s editing tools. If you’ve been exploring Pixlr E’s tools and couldn’t make heads or tails of it, don’t worry! E was developed for users who are already at an intermediate to advanced level in image editing software like Photoshop, GIMP, or Capture One.

Looking for premium designing tools instead of free image editing ones? has a suite of tools available online for your creative endeavors. All you really need is a functioning internet connection.

Making a video has never been easier

What better way to help your marketing creatives with a remote work plan that simplifies video creation? Try out this expert video making tool, where a video can be made with a couple of selections based on your topic. Videomaker allows you to convert your text into a video! Simply enter your script into the AI engine, which will automatically stitch together a social media video for you. You can edit the text within the video, select different spoken voice accents, and switch out the video clips if you prefer.

Design a logo in minutes

Logomaker can do just that for you within a couple of minutes. All you have to do is type out your brand name and select the category you want your logo design to be – an icon, a name, or snazzy initials. Give the website a little time to load some logo designs for you, and then choose the one you want! Edit to suit your preferences and brand identity.

These tools can help your business flow work better. Keep employees safe with a proper coronavirus remote work plan in 2020.

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