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Boost Visual Marketing With 2019’s Summer Colors

Marketing still heavily relies on visuals, especially social media! Bright, vibrant colors often call attention, which is naturally the desired effect of most marketers. You want eyeballs. You want to grab your audience’s attention. Gentle pastels are still in, but these are the hues that are on trend this summer, according to Pantone’s trend report. Some of these colors will bring out the life in any visual, while some will need a brighter accompaniment. Rest assured that these on-trend hues will be a must-have in any creative’s color arsenal.

Image from Pantone 2019


Described by Pantone as a festive orange red, Fiesta can help you steal the show through your Instagram feed, social posts, and video. Whether you’re using a gradient Insta-layout or going by set color schemes, you’re all set for summer!

Jester Red

A deep red akin to wine, this color works perfectly with elegant themes. It’s not too bright, like chilli red, and not too dark, either. Perfect for adding some zest into your designs. Add Jester Red into your range of summer colors right now.


Bright, light, and fun – this orange hue is all about celebrating summer. Slip some of this color into your creative visuals to keep things fresh and trendy.

Living Coral

Stunning, lively, and on point – what more can we say? Living Coral is the perfect color to go with for your projects if you’re looking to stay in the trend loop.

Pink Peacock

This color definitely stands out, and pairs perfectly with more neutral tones. Add a little pink peacock into your creative designs for some haute feminine spark.

Pepper Stem

Pepper stem is sure to bring a pop of fresh nuances into any creative visual. This color aims to please. Pair it with browns, whites, and subtle grey hues for a harmonized feel.

Aspen Gold

Millennial yellow? Still in. It’s still okay to use this color for an additional burst of flair in your designs. Slide this fruity gold hue into creative visuals that need a new life.

Princess Blue

The name itself is pretty self-explanatory. What a royal blue color! The first royal that comes to mind is Meghan Markle – while not exactly a princess, she has been seen actively wearing this stunning color. Add Princess Blue into your palette of summer colors.


A deliciously creamy hue – one that slides across your visuals like peanut butter. Get creative with your Toffee color placement for a touch of elegance and structure.

Mango Mojito

Need we say more? This color adds a punch, a kick, and a fresh burst of life in any design project! Talk about a true summer hue. Let this be the color to accompany darker, muted tones.

Terrarium Moss

A classic color, and one of our favorites. Touted as a masculine, army green hue, Terrarium Moss is one of the deeper tones suited for accompanying bright colors such as Mango Mojito or Aspen Gold.

Sweet Lilac

Much like its name promises, this sweet pink adds a gentle, feminine flair to any visual. Easy on the eye, Sweet Lilac definitely lives up to its name.

Add these summer colors in your visual marketing to stay on trend.

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