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Bestsellers Come Out To Play On April Fools’ Day

Shhh…What’s that black figure crawling atop of your head? It’s slowly creeping down your neck, down your back. Creeping…Crawling…feel the pin-pricks on your skin, slithering beneath your skin..Don’t move…


Bet you felt something for a moment there! No? Well, these toppers surely had a great time playing amusing pranks throughout the month! Let’s see what mischief they are cooking up:

  1. Easter eggs that can’t stop squirming ala Humpty Dumpty on green grass borders

  2. Business networking put on hold due to computers displaying “blue screens of doom”.

  3. Flowers pulling each other’s petals on pastel backgrounds

  4. Families having outdoor picnics with minty fresh Oreos (edible toothpaste), and mayo-filled donuts (Blergh!)

While these devils were busy scheming on their next trick, the stock footage and stock audio toppers were laughing with glee by the sidelines. Who knows? They might surprise you with oh…maybe a rubber spider or two!

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April Credit Bestsellers

April Credit Bestsellers

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April Subscription Bestsellers

April Subscription Bestsellers

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April Stock Footage Bestsellers

April Stock Footage Bestsellers

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Hope we didn’t scare you off, do visit us again in May!


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