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Beers, Balls and Barbecue: Your Guide to the 2019 Premier League Final Week

Football, bloody hell.

The past couple of days has shown us which is the best football league in the world. That’s right, you La Liga, Serie A and Bundesliga fans can go cry in your little corner. After all, how do you beat the heart and character of Klopp’s men in Anfield’s holy grounds, along with Lucas Moura’s stunning last-ditch hat-trick? Its simple, you can’t.

However, our attentions are now turned to the Premier League. The final round of matches sees the conclusion to the epic battle of supremacy between Man City and Liverpool. Additionally, we’ll also get to see if Tottenham can hang on to fourth spot, or will Arsenal do an Arsenal and finish fourth, as always.

With plenty at stake in the 2019 Premier League final week, here are 4 ways to experience English’s football’s biggest super Sunday.

1. Gather your mates

Can you keep up with keep-ups?

Watching a football match alone is never fun. While the pubs are guaranteed to have amazing atmospheres, you don’t want to ruin those Nike’s with some puke and spilled booze. Therefore, send out invites in advance and get your mates to come over to your place. After all, that enormous flat-screen sitting in your living room deserves to be put to good use, especially during the last Premier League weekend.

2. Fire up the grill

That’s how Liverpool smoked the s@#! out of Barca.

A barbecue is the best way to usher into the Premier League’s final match day. Once you have your mates around, fire up the grill and get the afternoon / evening / night started. Firm favorites include slabs of steak, chicken wings and some lamb chops. As for the vegetables, slice up some potatoes, throw on a little bit of salt, and chuck em’ in the fryer, twice, for that added crisp. For the ultimate indulgence, cook up some spicy salsa and drizzle that over a load of nachos, guacamole and sour cream.


This got us a lil thristy!

Booze and football goes perfectly together. To make it easier, get everyone to bring their own booze and celebrate English football’s final weekend. Throw in some paper cups and you have a game of beer pong to enjoy before the super Sunday kicks in. Can’t get enough of booze? Check out this likebox for our collection of our favorite frothy friends.

4. How to watch a Premier League match

Scream, shout and let it all out.

We’ve saved the best for last here. Ladies and gentlemen, here’s the do’s and don’ts of watching a football match, at home.


  1. Remain seated throughout the match.

  2. Respect the home-owner and let him watch the match of his choice.

  3. Ask politely when requesting to switch the channel to a different match.

  4. Help your host clean up after the game.

  5. Engage in banter.

  6. Leave your beer out of harm’s way, in the event of a crazy last-minute goal celebration.


  1. Stand during the middle of a game and walk across the TV to pee.

  2. Text.

  3. Call.

  4. Pick up mom’s call.

  5. Use your phone.

  6. Ever leave the match half-way for any emergency.

  7. Use your girlfriend / boyfriend as an excuse to walk out.

  8. Bother coming if you can’t handle some banter.

Accidentally captured brilliant, raw footage or photos that shows the emotion of a passionate football fan? Check out these images and videos guide to upload your content on our site.  So get ready to clear your calendars and forget about the Avengers for this week.

It’s squeaky bum time, lads!

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