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Amplify Your Social Media Identity With Images

It’s no secret that good images help your brand’s stories come to life. Whether you’re using images for conversions, engagement or awareness, your brand’s social media identity will benefit from visual content.

Make Use of Images

Images that appear on your feed consistently play a part in building your brand’s social media identity.

Whatever form they’re in – static or GIFs, memes, photos, illustrations, screenshots, slideshows – making use of visual content will increase your audience attention. Mixing photos with vectors (anything with shapes or abstract graphic elements) can also get your message across.

Because social media is such a crowded platform, once you generate enough interest from your audience, you’ll receive the engagement you’re looking for. Stick to a theme that appeals to your audience demographic. Floral, feminine styles suit a female-targeted cosmetics market rather than to females who are interested in motorcycles and riding gear. This boosts your social media identity and boosts audience engagement.

Text Can Be Visual Too

Plain text is boring. But not when you have a strong message and a bold colored background to accompany it. Think bright social media posts – namely Instagram – where you get vibrant marketing messages in bold typography:

Bold white text seems to fare best when paired with gradient backgrounds or against bright, solid colors. This works if you have short but sweet copy, like announcing an event or a sale.

“A sale? Where? What are the details?” When your social media post has a striking message in the visual itself, this leads eyes to your post captions.

Decorate With Vectors

If your gut tells you your design needs some accompanying graphic elements, go for it. Watercolor, 3D styles, bright and bold abstracts – odds are you’ll find a theme that suits your social media identity.

Amplify Your Social Media Identity With Images - 123RF Blog

Use the keyword TROPICAL SUMMER in the search bar to explore these abstract patterns.

When you use seasonal trends to unlock the potential market attention for your desired audience, you’ll definitely discover positive results. For example, if you’re going for a summer theme, choose tropical vector selections or vibrant abstracts that appeal to your audience.

For example, if you’re launching a feminist movement on social media, you can make use of color palettes and little graphic elements. Speaking of graphic elements – when you use the right ones, you can actually make a powerful impact without adding any text.

Given the nature of our current global events, by simply looking at the image above, a viewer can assume that this is talking about gender. The topic possibilities are endless. It could be gender equality, male and female health, relationship advice, gender reveals, gender spaces.

Overall, consistent use of images help your brand’s identity stick in your audience’s memory. That’s the main objective every social media marketer wants to achieve.

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