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A Marketers Guide to Experiencing Hari Raya 2019 With Stock Photography

Are you familiar with the Petronas Hari Raya ads?

If you’re from Southeast Asia, chances are you’ve watched at least one of their heart-warming videos. Over the years, Petronas have successfully built an incredible reputation with their festive content. Recreating them though, is easier said than done.

However, this collection of Hari Raya stock photography might just be able to help marketers produce social media content that make us all a little bit mushy on the inside.

Happy homecomings

Senior man and woman answering phone call together


Malay couple welcoming guests on Hari Raya open house

Like most festive occasions, Hari Raya is all about the family. With parents often residing in the outskirts of the city, the onus is on the kids to set aside some time and make a trip back home. The journey back often represents a nostalgic one, therefore, capturing the raw emotion of seeing a family reunited is the main highlight of any successful Hari Raya ad.

Home decor ideas



Senior man holding bamboo torch

No festive celebration is complete without some effort to make our homes look and feel amazing, and Hari Raya is no different. Bamboo torches dot the front lawn, chili lights adorn the entrances of homes, and diamond-shaped, lime green ketupats are prepared and hung on the walls of the living room. Therefore, be sure to include these aspects for your next Eid advert.

Hari Raya traditions




Family in the living room

One of the most important aspects of Hari Raya are traditions. This is the time when family members seek forgiveness to reconcile and foster relationships. Additionally, kids also expect to receive gifts from the elderly, in the form of paper bills stored in little packets. The joy on their faces is another great way for marketers to showcase what makes this event incredibly meaningful.

A foodie’s delight


Traditional Malay sweets and desserts

Preparation to make curry and ketupat

Family eating together

While traditions and homecomings will always make our hearts melt, food is the one item that bonds us together. In the spirit of Hari Raya, many families also set out to organize a massive open house and feed their guests. Ketupat (rice dumplings), satay (skewered meat), and plenty of sweets are the usual suspects for this feast. Hence, be sure to capture the events during this day to truly showcase the spirit of Eid.

Looking for more inspirational stock photos for your next Hari Raya social media ad? We’ve got you covered with this contributor profile. Additionally, read up on our marketing topics and find how stock photos can help you stand out on social media.


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