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A Checklist of Digital Marketing Tools for Your Online Business

Developing a successful online business is a lot of work, so anything that can save you time or streamline your workload will be a welcome addition to your tool set. Here are just a few of the available digital marketing tools you can use to create compelling content and generate more traffic.

Stock Images and Photos

If you’ve got an online business, then you most likely have a website and a blog. All good websites need quality images and lots of them. Fortunately, you don’t have to become a master at digital photography to give your website a professional look and feel.

Explore a whole library of vector templates designed by aurielaki on 123RF.

Stock photo sites host a wide array of images in all types of categories. You will also find vector images, infographic templates, product images, animated GIFs, and video clips you can use to promote engagement and encourage sharing of your content. Encourage customers to take action, whether it’s clicking on a button, or subscribing to your newsletter.

Discover lifestyle, wellness, work scenes, and ideal family moments photographed by Jozef Polc.

Social Media Tools

Using social media templates can be one of the most effective digital marketing tools out there.

Simply run a search on our website with the right keywords. For instance, I used ‘social media templates’ for the results in the image above.

Promoting yourself on social media has become an integral part of every digital marketing campaign. However, sitting down for hours every day to find new content ideas can drain your resources and test your patience. Social media tools will help you set out a month’s worth of posts in a matter of minutes. Moreover, if you use one of these tools in conjunction with visual templates, you will have no shortage of attractive, engaging photos to include with each post.

Image Editing Tools

When you’re using stock images, there will be occasions when you need to tweak them to optimize them for your website and social media posts. Fortunately, there are plenty of free image editors available online where you can do most editing tasks without having to add yet another expensive subscription service to your monthly expenses.

Canva is a free editing tool that simplifies many of the editing tasks you will perform on an image. Add text, frames, borders, and elements to create a unique image. The site gives you tons of free options, but its paid pictures and details are significantly cheaper than most other stock image sites. Browse the thousands of available templates when you are short of inspiration.

Pixlr E is definitely one of the best digital marketing tools for your online business.

But if you need an advanced level of editing, Pixlr E is more comprehensive than Canva. If you have ever used Photoshop, then you will be familiar with Pixlr’s interface. The great thing about Pixlr is that it’s web-based, so you can use it from anywhere on just about any device. The application also provides a massive library of templates, overlays, stickers, borders, and icons, so you won’t have to create everything from scratch. However, you will need a little more training to use the more advanced tasks that you can’t do in Canva.

Email Marketing Tools

Kickstart your e-commerce journey with these digital marketing tools for your online business.

Search for email marketing on our 123RF library to discover more images such as these.

Emails are an essential tool for engaging with prospects and previous customers. Email marketing tools like Mailchimp and Aweber are critical services if you want to avoid falling afoul of anti-spamming laws. Plus, they also give you access to valuable analytics and tools to segregate your lists into different categories and interests, so you only send emails to interested parties. Furthermore, using images in your email marketing strategy can greatly retain your desired audience’s attention. We’re all visual creatures, and some learn even better with the use of graphics to stimulate one’s mind.

Above all, ensuring your online business succeeds will mean using the right digital marketing tools. The above are just a select few of the tools we think are critical to streamlining your day and making you more productive, and we hope they provide some benefit in your marketing efforts.


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