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8 Amazing Halloween Makeup Ideas For Everyone

Whether you’re going for an adorable or scary look or something in between, Halloween is all about having fun! Besides, this is the only day you get to become anything you want to be.


With that said, here are 8 amazing Halloween looks that anyone can pull off with a bit of practice and plenty of references!

Let’s feed that imagination:

1. Skeleton In The Closet

Literally bad to the bone. Pull off a black and white look from head to toe. You don’t need to paint all 22 bones or make every tooth count; the idea is not to be Mr. Bones from the school lab. Instead, check out Jack Skellington from The Nightmare Before Christmas or Brook from One Piece!

Close-up portrait of an elegant young woman in a male top-hat with pumpkin skull make-up over black background. Pumpkin queen. Costumes and makeup for Halloween.

Quick tip: Outline and color in with black first, then fill the empty areas in white.

Unusual appearance skeleton dressed in a black pin-striped suit and a bow tie resembling a bat. Fictional character, protagonist film cartoon story fairy tale. Pumpkin King of Halloween Town holiday

2. The Wombie Zombie

Ah, the good ol’ zombie look. Pale skin, hollowed eyes, bloodied mouth, and unwashed hair (if you would go that extra mile). Go back in time as a living dead pinup, go green as Frankenstein, or creep it real by manifesting the true zombie corporate slave in you. 

Model posing as a zombie halloween theme

Quick tip: Realistic stitches and rotting flesh special FX prosthetics are a plus.

Scary zombie businessman holding surgical mask by his face

3. The Creepy Clown

It. Harley Quinn. The Joker. These clowns make their appearances in all shapes and forms every Halloween, yet we can never get enough of them. Not unless you’re coulrophobic, that is. Does clowning for Halloween sound like fun to you?

Funny man clown in costume looking camera with happiness isolated over orange

young woman with joker makeup and costume. cosplay photo

It’s easy! Paint a broad red smile across your face, draw sharp triangles above and beneath your eyes, and paint on a red nose. Add a few scars here and there to bring up the sinister vibes. A wig is optional, but why not – take it up a notch! 

Model posing as a zombie halloween theme

Model jester by moizhuseinstoryteller, 123RF.

4. The Possessed Nun

Show up as The Nun, better known as Valak, from The Conjuring Universe. A Halloween favorite among horror fans, it’s a relatively simple black and white look to pull off! All you need is a black cloak, a white scarf, and pasty white face paint with dark eye circles and black lips.

Halloween. Portrait of a scary devilish nun with a picture frame in her hands on a black background. Horrors.

5. The Purr-fect Kitty

You can either be a ferocious feline or be too cute to spook! Besides the basic whiskers, black-tipped nose, cat ear bands, and your best purr, continue those stripes or spots along your neck onto your arms to your entire body. It’s your purr-ogative.

Attractive young girl with makeup wild leopard close-up portrait

Everybody wants to be a cat.

Beautiful young women with cat makeup and ears on color background

6. The Beguiling Witch

Switch to your resting witch face with a bit of prop help. For a killer witch look, the devil is in the accessories. Put on a wicked pointy hat, long fake nails, and get yourself a broomstick, a wand, and a black cat! Get into character by stirring a cauldron every now and then.

Full length image of happy woman in halloween costume holding broom and covering her mouth over white background

Go ahead and cackle on! Channel your inner Elphaba or Agatha Harkness!

Portrait of blonde scary woman witch in black hat looking camera and smiling isolated over orange

7. The Bloodthirsty Vampire

Got a goth side? Fang-tastic! Let it out and make the Count proud! The focus is on your eyes and mouth – dramatize your eyes with dark eyeshadows and intense colored contact lenses, and work on those bloodstained lips. Snap-on some fangs too!

Portrait of a scary bloodthirsty vampire in red and blue light. Halloween.

Close-up portrait of a bloodthirsty female vampire.

8. Glow with Neon

There are two ways to do this: either with UV paint or neon pigments. If you can’t be too bothered with paint, go for fluorescent stickers in different colors and place them all over.

portrait of a woman with painted face, woman with uv makeup in studio, portrait of a woman in carnival mask, the woman is decorated in a ultraviolet powder

Finish the look with a neon wig and ghoul with the flow!

Woman's face with fluorescent make up art. Blue background. Studio shot. Orange, green, pink neon paints. Creative idea is good for clubs, disco, go-go, show concerts, parties. Sexy girl alien cosmo

Now that you’ve got ideas, time to haunt it!

So, what is it going to be? Whatever you decide to show up as this Halloween, remember you can be ANYTHING you want! Can’t choose between two looks? Do both à la Two-Face!


Get pointers on throwing the ultimate Halloween party here, and check this out for spooky font inspiration for the party invites! 

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