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7 Ways To Have Better Video Calls While Working From Home

Virtual meetings are hot these days, especially as we remain in quarantine or within the boundaries of our homes, staying safe from the Covid-19 pandemic. Whether you’re having a casual update with your team, or a more formal work conference, here are seven ways you can have better video calls while working from home.

Minimize Distractions

Sit in a quiet, calm space. Minimize any external sounds, such as the hum of an air conditioner or washing machine, or perhaps the background buzz of a TV. If you have young children, keep them occupied with toys or games in another room, or have a spouse or loved one care for them while you have your video call.

Have Good Lighting

Try your best to face a good light source, so your face can be seen. Natural light is the best option, but if you’re video calling in the evening, a lamp strategically positioned behind your computer is best for illuminating your face.

Angle Your Camera

Position your laptop, iPad, or webcam device properly so that your head and shoulders can be seen. You can use things around the house such as books, a shoebox, cushions, or a stack of magazines to elevate your laptop or tablet so that the camera is angled properly at your face. If you need to sit on the carpet for this, use sufficient cushions so that you don’t fidget uncomfortably throughout the call.

Lose The Grainy Quality

Invest in a quality HD webcam if necessary. Since we’re all on video call moments during lockdown or quarantine periods, it could be a good idea to purchase a proper webcam device. This will make a big difference in your video calls, especially when your HD camera gets rid of the grainy, low quality appearance.

Aim For Better Audio

Use a good pair of earphones or headphones during your video call. It’s better than asking your colleagues to keep repeating themselves. If your headphones come with a mic, that’s definitely a plus! If you need to speak for a lengthy period, move closer to your device’s microphone so you can enunciate better and be heard.

Get Prepared

Test your camera, microphone, and Internet connection at least 20 minutes before the scheduled call. You will want to avoid any mishaps or interruptions that will test your colleagues’ patience. There’s nothing worse than having to ask others to put a meeting on hold on your behalf.

Look Presentable

Check your appearance with a small mirror stationed by your device if you’re planning to have a much more formal video conference. Keep things professional and presentable with a solid colored top that allows you to be seen – nude colors on camera will just make you look, well, naked.

While it’s so tempting to just look presentable on top, keep in mind that it pays to wear proper pants during your video call, too! Dressing decently is definitely one of the ways to have better video calls while working from home. You never know when you’ll need to stand and reach for something or have kids suddenly rush into your room and then you’ll be chasing after them in your pajama bottoms.

If you’re new to the staying indoors scene, check out an awesome list of 25 things you can do while in quarantine at home. For all of these images and more, check out our library of photos and vector templates.

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