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7 Creative Christmas Gift Ideas for Him

Running short on Christmas gift ideas for him?

Christmas is a special time, and so is your man. The classic socks and whiskey flasks are always great gift ideas, but that’s a little boring, right? Therefore, we’ve decided to put our thinking caps on. So, here’s our pick of seven creative Christmas gift ideas for him, that’ll have him falling head over heels for you.

1. Rocketbook Reusable Notebook – For the aspiring artist 

7 Creative Christmas Gift Ideas for Him 123RF Blog - notebook with coffee and cupcake

Here’s how this smart notebook works. Start by taking notes with its specially designed pen. Next, mark a symbol on the bottom of the page for a cloud storage of your choice, like Google Drive or Dropbox. Then, simply scan your doodles with the Rocketbook app and your files will be ready on your cloud. Finally, use a wet cloth or toss the book into the microwave for the pages to erase itself. A game changer of a Christmas gift ideas for him indeed.  

Price: From $32.00

2. Amazon Fire TV Stick – For the film fanatic

Creative Christmas Gift Ideas for Him 123RF Blog - young man watching movie in the living room

This is arguably the hottest product on the market and a solid choice for Christmas gift ideas for him. This ridiculously affordable home entertainment system offers state of the art 4k picture quality – all packed in one USB stick. Additionally, the Fire TV offers the best of both worlds with Netflix and Prime Video. Other notable features include ESPN and HBO channels. Also integrated with the Alexa voice, you can simply request for the best movies available, without having to lift a finger. The best bit, the Fire TV is meant to be enjoyed by more than one person. So what are you waiting for?

Price: $49.99

3. Amazon Echo – For the multitasking man 

7 Creative Christmas Gift Ideas for Him 123RF Blog - smart home speaker

This smart home device surely does transform the way we live. The second gen Echo was released last year, however it still remains a popular choice for many. The main selling point here is the affordability, when compared to the Google Home and Apple Homepod. The all new Echo is here to make living easier and faster. From making calls to turning off lights, playing music and figuring out the weather, this smart home device comes in handy for anyone on the move. Therefore, making the list in our 2018 Christmas gift ideas for him.

Price: From $70.00

4. FurniQi Table Charger – For the tech talent 

7 Creative Christmas Gift Ideas for Him 123RF Blog - side table smart charger

Wireless charges are all the buzz right now. The ease of use and portability are the main reasons behind its popularity. However, this FurniQi charger takes things up a notch. Doubling up as a side table and a charger, this innovation is both fun and useful. If your bedside or coffee table needs to be changed, then this is the go-to option. Additionally, the bamboo finish only adds to the elegance and practicality of this tool. Therefore, making it a great addition to a man’s home and to our 2018 Christmas gift ideas for him.

Price: From $99.99

5 Kindle Paperwhite – For the witty writer 

7 Creative Christmas Gift Ideas for Him 123RF Blog - reading an eBook with a cup of coffee

Every creative needs to read a book. It’s a great stress reliever and it offers inspiration to get those creative juices flowing. Add to that a whole series of discussion on how sexy a man looks when he’s reading in a subway, and we have a winner right there. Don’t get us wrong, books are not dead. But in the technology saturated environment that we live in, the Kindle is considered one of the best innovation and personal investment. The all new Paperwhite edition is both waterproof and it comes with twice the storage size. Together with its compatibility, your man can now carry his stories with him all day long.

Price: From $129.99

6. Playr Football Training Vest – For the ballin’ baller

7 Creative Christmas Gift Ideas for Him 123RF Blog - soccer training with bibs

This one’s for the die hard football fans out there. And one of the craziest Christmas gift ideas for any bro out there. Ever wondered if playing as a forward is your best position? Or maybe, you’d like to play on the opposite flank. Well, you can now find the answers to your burning questions. Built with a SmartPod, this vest allows you to track your speed, distance, sprints and heat maps. Additionally, weighing at a mere 36 grams, this tracker is as light as a feather, and guarantees to not interfere with your performance. So congratulations lads, here’s one way to find out if you have what it takes to stop Messi and Ronaldo.

Price: From $179.99

7. Bose QuietComfort 35 – For the modern musician 

7 Creative Christmas Gift Ideas for Him 123RF Blog - bearded man with listening to music with headphones

If your man is incredibly picky, then this is a fool-proof gift. After all, you can’t go wrong with a pair of headphones for Christmas. And the Bose Series II noise cancelling headphones are the best in the business. The sexy design along with an Alexa voice control system make this one of the best investments for 2018. So if you’re looking for a gift that will have him dancing to your tunes all year long, this is it.

Price: From $299.00

So there you have it, our pick of creative Christmas gift ideas for him, that promises to leave him in debt to you for the rest of the year. Additionally, in the spirit of giving, check out our December freebies and fuel your creative works for the rest of the month!

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