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7 Creative Christmas Gift Ideas for Her

Running low on gift ideas for the holidays?

Christmas is a special time, and so is your woman. The classic diamonds and pearls are always safe bets, but that’s a little boring, right? We here at 123RF, are all about taking things up a notch. So we’ve put our creative juice to good use and came up with seven creative gifts ideas for your woman, that’ll have her appreciating you a whole lot more!

1. IHome Vanity Mirror Speaker – For the beauty queen

7 Creative Christmas Gift Ideas for Her 123RF Blog - Cosmetics on a makeup table

It’s time to give her beauty regime an upgrade. This smart mirror triples up as a charger, speaker and a light source. Hence, making it one of the most innovative Christmas gift ideas for her. Throw in Siri and Google Now voice assistant, your lady can now check the weather and dance to her favorite tunes, while preparing to look her best. So gentlemen, what’s holding you back?  

Price: From $80.00

2. Tech-friendly gloves – For the multitasking CEO

7 Creative Christmas Gift Ideas for Her 123RF Blog - Woman playing with snow while wearing gloves

Winter is coming. And so is the chilling wind that promises to freeze your fingers to the point it can be snapped. The solution? Put on a pair of your grandma’s comfy polka dot gloves. It gives you brownie points for sure, but that’s before you try using your phone. It simply does not work. Well, thankfully, fashion forward brands have combined practicality with style. The J.Crew tech-friendly gloves allows your lady to fiddle with her phone, without sacrificing her fingers and her fashion sense. Therefore, making the cut into this year’s Christmas gift ideas for her.

Price: From $98.00

3. Kodak Phone Photo Printer – For the travel addict

7 Creative Christmas Gift Ideas for Her 123RF Blog - Instant photo printer

This holiday gift is perfect for your Instagram queen out there. This super convenient printer allows you to print photos directly from your smartphone. Compatible with iOS and Android, you can now easily print 4×6 photos in top range colors and quality. Just place your phone on the printing dock and let the magic happen. Therefore, this holiday gift is perfect for anyone looking to capture the moment and decorate an empty wall at home.

Price: From $139.99

4. La Brisa Throw – For the sleeping beauty 

7 Creative Christmas Gift Ideas for Her 123RF Blog - Comfortable white wool blanket on the bed

stylish bedroom interior design with black and white pillows on bed.

Some Christmas gifts are worth a little splurge. So how much are you willing to spend on a blanket? Turns out, people are willing to fork out a decent sum to add a touch of comfort to their lives. Weaved from baby alpaca wool, this remarkably lightweight material was once only meant for royalty. So, for anyone wondering what it must be like to love like kings and queens, this Christmas gift idea from the hills of the Peruvian Andes promises to be the ultimate gateway.

Price: From $155

5. KNOMO Laptop Briefcase – For the chic trendsetter 

7 Creative Christmas Gift Ideas for Her 123RF Blog - Woman with handbag walking in the city

This is perfect for anyone on the go. For a travel related gift, this one sure does come out tops. Designed for practicality and style, this laptop bag seamlessly doubles up as a handbag. So if your lady is looking to go from office to bar, then this is a must have.

Price: From $190.00

6. Smarter Coffee – For the woman on the go 

7 Creative Christmas Gift Ideas for Her 123RF Blog - smart coffee machine

Imagine stumbling out of bed, and heading straight for the kitchen. Sitting on your table top, is a cup of perfectly brewed coffee. Now there’s two ways this can happen. First, your housemate is a true gem and you wonder what have you done to deserve him/her. Or you own a smart, Alexa enabled, coffee machine. The choice is yours. Once your decision is made, simply say the world, “coffee please”.

Price: From 250.00

7. Saint Laurent iPhone case – For the perfectionist 

7 Creative Christmas Gift Ideas for Her 123RF Blog - leather iPhone cover

When all else fails, this gift will be there to save the day. Saint Laurent’s croc leather iPhone case oozes with class and sexiness from every grain. It’ll burn a hole in your wallet, but consider this one a life-time investment. So get your credit cards ready for this one.

Price: From $442.00

So there you have it, our pick of creative Christmas gift ideas for her, that promises to leave your woman falling head over heels for you, throughout the upcoming year. Additionally, in the spirit of giving, remember to check out our Christmas gift guide for him!

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