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60 Creative Packaging Design Templates You’ll Find Useful

When a person first comes across a product in a store, the first thing they would lay eyes on would be the packaging design. With a highly competitive atmosphere surrounding the world of marketing in this modern day and age, a more striking or unique design would automatically catch a consumer’s eye.

60 Creative Packaging Design Templates You'll Find Useful

Packaging Design And Its Considerable Influence

Being on the consumer-facing front, in order to create a lead up to where a consumer wants to purchase, packaging design would definitely be the first thing a brand would want to look at. Because humans are such visual creatures, most businesses or brands would want to market their product as such so that the consumer would be able to tell what they’re offering at a glance. Picture a confused dad wheeling a trolley down the aisle, shopping list from his wife in hand. Within the first 2-3 seconds of eyeball focus, the dad would move on to the next product on the shelf. That’s the way his brain buys, and also the average consumer attention span on a product in this modern age.

Design Does Matter

Naturally, if a product’s packaging design stands out on a store’s shelf, then that’s the product the average consumer would spend a little longer looking at. Once that curiosity is piqued, there’s a high chance the consumer would want to pick it up, check out what its made of, and then decide on a purchase. And this is how packaging design plays a major part in a brand’s marketing arsenal.

There are, of course, other methods brands or businesses would utilize to motivate a consumer to purchase their products. Large posters in a mall, loud billboards on the sides of busy highways, and online advertisements to name a few. Still, the more easily accessible method to a consumer would be a physical product in a store that they can see, touch, and feel. And also, perhaps marvel over how creative the packaging design is, and how far creativity has come.

That said, here are 60 creative packaging design templates and images you’ll find convenient enough to slap your product design on! Or maybe hire a designer to work some creative magic. But if you’re more of a DIY person, easily edit and alter your selected image with our built-in editor.

60 Creative Packaging Design Templates

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