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6 Tips to Increase Productivity at 9am

How many times did you hit the snooze button today? If your answer is anything more than once, well then you need help. And that is exactly where this piece fits in. Read on to find out how to increase productivity at 9am.

1. Go to bed on time

 6 Tips to Increase Productivity at 9am 123RF Blog - Man sleeping on bed

If you’re wondering how to increase productivity in the morning, the key lies in the night before. It’s not rocket science guys. So let’s keep things simple. We’re not asking you to play some calming wave tunes or lather on some sleep-inducing lotion (yes they actually exist). It all comes down to going to bed at the same time on most nights.

2. Develop a to-do list

6 Tips to Increase Productivity at 9am 123RF Blog - Office calendar

Having this list allows you to plan out your day in advance. For the best results to increase productivity, curate this list the night before. Then go over your tasks right before bed so you’d know how to be efficient when it’s time to rise and shine. Additionally, the joy of ticking things off this list allows you to feel good about yourself as you learn to celebrate mini accomplishments throughout the day.

3. Pick your outfits beforehand

6 Tips to Increase Productivity at 9am 123RF Blog - Clothes hanging in closet

Now you’d probably make an argument of why do you even need to pick out an outfit. After all, Jobs and Zuckerberg didn’t rule the tech world dressed in Yeezy’s and Supreme’s. However, you’d be surprised to learn the benefits of dressing well and being presentable. Hence, it’s always a good idea to spend some time to figure out your outfit combinations for the next morning, instead of scrambling away because you’ve hit snooze 23 times.

4. Increase productivity with a healthy diet

6 Tips to Increase Productivity at 9am 123RF Blog - Healthy diet with salmon and herbs

This one is a no-brainer. If you’re gonna consume a large sized Big Mac and fries, washed down with a pint of Coke, at midnight, there’s no way you’re going to bed anytime soon. It makes you feel extremely sluggish, along with a giving you a pair of panda eyes too. However, if you do want a late night snack, opt for something healthy. Salads are great, or better yet, have some eggs mate.

5. Detach from your mobile device

6 Tips to Increase Productivity at 9am 123RF Blog - Man using the phone in the dark

Our mobile devices are like potato chips. Once you open the packet, you have to finish it. There’s no such thing as saving some for later. Likewise, our mobile phones are dangerously addictive. Open Instagram just as your head hits the pillow, and you can wave that bedtime routine goodbye. Hence, to increase productivity in the morning, put away that phone of yours 30 minutes before you call it day.

6. Invest in your me time

6 Tips to Increase Productivity at 9am 123RF Blog - Woman running on beach with her dog

We’ve saved the best for last here. Most of us live in a fast paced life. We simply don’t have time for ourselves. And that is a killer. No matter how busy you are, you need to relax every once in a while. So each day, be sure to make time for your hobbies. It can be anything as simple as taking your dog for a walk, heading to the gym or cooking. By staying healthy and happy, you’ll allow yourself to be grateful of what you have. In turn, this goes a long way to help you increase productivity on a daily basis.

With these tips to increase productivity laid out, it’s time for you to start your mornings on a high note. Additionally, for more insights on creative inspiration, do read up on our guide to kickstart your creativity in 2019.

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