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6 Simple Steps To Create A Mosaic Textured Text

Plain text can be a bore sometimes, especially when we are trying to convey a fun, exciting message! Like what I am doing now…..this tutorial – with the help of Adobe Illustrator – will add pizzazz to any bold, block text, check it out!

Step 1:

A) Open a new file with a horizontal A4 sized artboard – 21cm (H) x 29.7cm (W).

B) Choose a fat, block-like text of your choice, set it to a pale gray and hit Ctrl+Shift+O to

    outline it. If it doesn’t have enough edges, outline another shape on top using the Pen

    Tool (P). A stroke of 1 point should suffice, with a contrasting stroke color to help you see


Step 2:

Make a new layer; this will be used for your line sectors. With the aid of the Line Segment Tool (\), draw intersecting lines through your block text between existing points. Use Smart Guides (Ctrl+U) to make it easier to snap to the points.

Step 3:

A) Next, select your outlined text and the intersecting lines. Open Pathfinder palette and click the Divide tool to create individual shapes.

B) Your artwork should look like this.

Step 4:

Create your own color palette by filling temporary shapes. Pressing Shift, randomly select some of the individual shapes of your text artwork. With the Eyedropper tool (I), apply your colors. Continue doing so for the rest of your shapes with different shades of gray.

Step 5:

Using the outlines of your text, create a clipping mask with a textured grunge paper. Play around with the opacity to suit your preference. If you’d prefer an individual textured feel for each of your mosaic letters, then mask each one separately.

Step 6:

A) Place a shadow under the textured letters to give it a floating feel. Using the Ellipse Tool (L), make an oval beneath your text to create the shadow shape. Hit Gradient (G) and use the following settings. Set the left slider to 40% Black, the middle to 30% Black, and the right slider to 10%. Change the aspect ratio to 7.3%.

B) With the Rectangle Tool (M), create a shape the same size as your artboard. Add some background color with a radial gradient of these settings:

Left slider to 3% Black, middle to 18%, and right to 25%.

Step 7: If you’d like to try adding some color into your artwork: Make a new layer. Create a rectangle of any color of your choice and copy the outline of your text from your previous layer. Place the outline over your colored rectangle and make a clipping mask. Do this for each outline of your text.

Step 7

Completed Image-color

Enjoy this useful walk-through? I bet..NOW go create and USE these texts in your next dinner party invite!

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