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6 of The Best 2019 Fitness Trends to Try Right Now

Still hitting the gym? Well congratulations, you’ve made it past the rush of the “new year, new me”, fitness newbies. To those of you still grinding it out, this one’s for you. Check out our guide to the top 2019 fitness trends to help you build the body of your dreams.   

1. Hiring a personal trainer and their voice

Using a personal trainer has been around for a while now. And there is no doubt that a trainer maximizes efficiency in a short span of time. In a bid to keep up with technology, expect fitness institutions to offer personal training services via streaming services.

No, we’re not just talking about YouTube. Instead, as part of our 2019 fitness trends, we’re going for the rise of personal coaching via platforms like Cortana, Siri and Audible. Hence, you can now workout with a simple command of your voice.

2. HIIT is here to stay

Likewise, the HIIT too has been here for a while. The good news is, this fitness trend is surely here to stay. A large factor in this lies in the efficiency of this training method. In 45 minutes, you’d be drenched in buckets of sweat, with your workouts maximized. Therefore, there’s never an excuse to skip gym day because there isn’t enough time.

3. The innovation of wearable tech

The 2019 fitness trend of wearable tech is one of the biggest game changers. With smartwatches already a big hit, tracker shirts are expected to be the next trendsetter.

Professional sports teams will soon be looking to enhance performances with state-of-the-art equipment. The PLAYR vest is fantastic tool to have, as it measures everything from your movement, distance covered and speed. Therefore, your next five-a-side match will never be the same.

4.  Home workout fitness trends

Everyone’s busy. That’s just the way it is these days. Therefore, home workouts are expected to be one of the biggest fitness trends this year. However, the basic dumbbells and benches will no longer cut it.

Fitness equipments like Peleton’s sexy static bike offers streaming services of its workout classes, via the bike’s built-in screen. This combination allows you to work out without leaving the comfort of home, while also bringing the personal trainer to your private space.

5. Sleep redefined

The way you sleep will no longer be the same. Sleep technologies are set to invade our homes and become one of the most important 2019 fitness trends. Infrared beds are going to be the thing of the future, as we’ve finally realized that optimum wellness begins with a good night’s sleep. Meanwhile, Fitbit has also began providing sleep scores and Apple has integrated Beddit sleep monitors into its devices to track the quality of your shuteye.

6. The rise of fitness retreats

Looking for an excuse to take a break? Well congratulations, with the rise of digital detox, you now have a legit excuse to swap corporate board meetings with surfboards. However, what makes a good fitness retreat?

Firstly, you gotta do away with technology, so leave your phones and laptops behind. Secondly, embrace the art of doing nothing. There’s plenty of studies published on the benefits staying idle. This break allows us to think, something that’s often neglected as we’re caught up in daily routines.

If you’ve found our 2019 fitness trends helpful, remember to give us a shout-out! Additionally, check out our curated likebox for top quality fitness content. For more advice on how to live the best life, catch up on our 2019 lifestyle trends.

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