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55 Wedding Invitations To Inspire Your ‘I Do’ Day

Everyone wants to have their perfect big day. I don’t mean to be a Debbie Downer, but get ready to perspire because of the inevitably hectic, time-consuming planning.

The guestlist that you’ve been dying to avoid cracking down on even though you know you’ll have to get round to it eventually. Finally agreeing on a place (or three) and then reserving the perfect venue. Telling everyone to Save-The-Dates. Figuring out caterers and what sort of food you’ll want to have on the menu. (That 2% of your guests are vegan or stick to a gluten-free diet? Ugh. UGH. Just don’t even.)

Think of booking the florists, bands, and your photographers. Fret about deciding on the entertainment and whether your venue of choice can accommodate them. Thing is, it’s always best to start planning early and deciding on things like the overall theme, wedding invitations and designs better than later. But where do you even begin?

Here’s something a little different than the usual floral designs we see so often. What if you’re not into flowers for your wedding invitations? I mean, you’ll probably already have a bouquet to toss to some groomsmen or bridesmaids. This Gatsby-inspired art deco wedding invitation is straight-to-the-point and minimalist. Go for a simple, gold and black – or you could sub it out with any other dark background color, like navy or a dark burgundy.

Florals can be kept to a minimum, or used as the accompanying focus such as the one shown below. It has a certain amount of vintage style, a classic theme most couples looking to tie the knot tend to go for. Paired with calligraphic or script font, this wedding invite design can go from your-mom’s-curtains to bomb.

Here’s where you can get some inspiration for your wedding theme with our collection of wedding invitations. Floral and botanical styles are popular as always, and so are minimalist designs. Edit your designs and more with Pixlr X. Ultimately, the visual choices are all up to you and your loved one!

Click the image below to get your wedding invitation fix:

If all else fails, you can always use an online mockup maker to design the invitation card. It’s a quick and easy way to get it done! There are thousands of mockup templates ready for you to start with.

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