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5 Ways How Traveling Boosts Creativity

If you could travel to one place right now, where would it be?

We’d choose Kyrgyzstan. The 2018 World Nomad Games has placed this country rich in unspoilt natural beauty firmly on the tourist trail. But let’s get real. We’ve all got bills to pay. The dream of selling all belongings in search of wanderlust does not appeal to everyone. However, what if we told you traveling can help you to generate more income? Check out five ways how traveling boots creativity and helps you become a better professional.  

1. Traveling makes you smarter and happier

5 Ways How Traveling Boosts Creativity 123RF Blog - happy couple riding a quad bike.

Traveling induces happy hormones which leads to a better flow of ideas.

Travel allows your brain to function like a well-oiled machine. A study carried out by the Transamerica Centre for Retirement Studies shows retirees who traveled have 75 percent higher rates of mental stimulation. Another 93 percent believe that travel helps them to stay mentally active. Additionally, travel is also commonly associated to happiness.

The study highlights 86 percent understand that going on a holiday improves their mood and outlook. The combined positive benefits of mental stimulation and the feel good factor certainly aids the creative process of a professional. Therefore, the next time your boss questions your leave, send him a link to our article!

2. It makes you more confident

5 Ways How Traveling Boosts Creativity 123RF Blog - man surfing in ocean

Traveling makes you more confident. So take the plunge.

Confidence is key. Believing in your abilities does wonders to your career and life. Be it deciding to quit that stable corporate job to be your own boss, or being bold and pushing the boundaries of that design illustration for your top client, it all boils down to confidence. Travel is more than just an escape from life’s mundane routines. It’s about pushing you out of your comfort zone and learning to adapt.

Ever wanted to visit the Amazon? Or embark on a solo backpacking trip across Iceland? Well, what’s holding you back? Surely, we’re not suggesting for you to drop everything and take a holiday right away, without proper research. However, don’t let your insecurities get in the way. Trust your abilities. You’ll thank us once you’re back home.

3. It gives you the best of both worlds

5 Ways How Traveling Boosts Creativity 123RF Blog - mixed berries on a spoon

Blueberries or strawberries? We’d say both!

Going on a holiday and living abroad are two different things. The latter requires you to stay for a while. It needs you to actually live there. This includes finding a long term accommodation, learning the language, doing groceries, paying the bills and all other adulting needs. However, the thought of this can be tiring and unappealing.

On the contrary, going on a holiday is much easier. It allows you to enjoy the benefits of living abroad, without having to leave the comfort of home for too long. In short, it gives you the best of both worlds. Hence, allowing you to take more holidays throughout the year, minus the stress of figuring out the extra details. And the prospect of this allows you to better explore how traveling boosts creativity.

4. Traveling boosts creativity with new perspectives

5 Ways How Traveling Boosts Creativity 123RF Blog - optical illusion of a tunnel

An actual tunnel or a simple artwork? It’s all about perspectives. Image via Nathapon Triratanachat@123RF.

A holiday is more than a quick getaway, if you know how to exploit it. When you’re traveling, you’re constantly exposed to new surroundings and cultures. This in turn, forces you to think about the world differently. In Holland, don’t expect your friends to bring a cake for your birthday. It’s the complete opposite! You’re responsible for feeding your friends and guests. The supposedly universal sign of the thumbs up does not have the same meaning in different parts of the world. Use it in the Middle East, and it means “Up yours!”

Meanwhile, in Japan, the thumb represents the number five. So if you’re not careful, one Big Mac order could end up being five! Although we’re not sure if that’s a bad thing. The point here is, traveling changes your perspective on things. And in the creative industry, there is a constant need to evolve. Therefore, illustrating once again, how traveling boosts creativity.

5. It provides more inspiration for content

5 Ways How Traveling Boosts Creativity 123RF Blog - Bosco verticale in Milan

This ‘vertical forest’ concept apartment shows that creative inspiration is everywhere. Image via Frederic Prochasson@123RF.

If the above fails to convince you on how traveling boosts creativity, then this surely will. Heading to a new destination gives you more inspiration for your content. It can be anything, from the graffiti on the walls of the alleyway next to your hotel. Or perhaps the quirky architecture of the buildings you saw on your way to the mall. Maybe it’s the work of another artist in the gallery you just visited.

Inspiration is everywhere, especially when you’re in a new place. Hence, it provides plenty of content ideas for photographers, designers, illustrators and even marketers. All you need to do, is to stop and stare. So, are your bags packed yet?

With the year coming to an end pretty soon, it’s still not too late to take that holiday you’ve long been putting off. With these tips, we hope you will use your time spent away to good use, while understanding how traveling boosts creativity. Next, once your home and fresh with new ideas, learn how to market your work on social media.   

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