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5 Tips For Taking Family Easter Photos That People Actually Like

Easter egg hunt

Easter is a time for family, fun, and celebration, and what better way to capture this photogenic springtime holiday than with some beautiful photos?

But taking great photos of Easter celebrations can be a daunting task, especially if you want them to turn out well enough to be used and cherished for years to come.

In this blog, we’ve come up with a list of helpful tips and tricks for taking family-themed Easter photos that people will actually like, and businesses will want to buy.

Pick a good location with natural spring light

Easter egg hunt in group

Location is crucial if you want to capture amazing photos.

For Easter, an outdoor location is a great option especially if you want to incorporate the motif of nature, life, and rebirth in your photos.

When scouting locations, look for areas with plenty of natural light, interesting textures, and beautiful colors.

Parks, gardens, and flower fields are all great choices for a natural backdrop that will make your photos light and bright.

Avoid harsh midday light, as it can create unflattering shadows and wash out your subject. Instead, aim to shoot during the golden hours of the day.

For an indoor location, pick a spot near a natural light source. Tidy and decorate the space to make it more Easter-like, and snap away.

When you have the right location, it'll make your Easter photos feel alive and spontaneous.

Create a cohesive look

Bunny ears band

A cohesive look can add an extra layer of polish and professionalism to your images.

By coordinating outfits and colors, you can create a cohesive visual theme that ties everything together in the photo.

To start, select a color palette that goes well with the Easter season, such as pastels, or springtime colors.

You don’t need everyone to wear identical outfits, but you do want to make sure that everyone looks like they belong together in the photo.

Use accessories like hats, scarves, or jewelry to add some extra flair and personality.

Focus on interesting details

Easter egg natural dyed

Telling a story through photos isn't always about taking portraits or group shots. Sometimes, the story lies in the details that are easily overlooked.

When taking family Easter photos, it’s important to focus on interesting details that show personality and character.

Look for unique details like Easter food, hand-painted eggs, decorations, and zoom in on them for a close-up shot.

By focusing on the details, you'll be able to create beautiful photos that are meaningful and memorable.

Keep your subjects busy

Girl painting Easter egg

When taking photos, it's a total bummer when your subjects look stiff and awkward. It's no fun for anyone!

To avoid such situations, keep your subjects entertained with props or an activity. Props like Easter eggs, flowers, or toys are sure to keep everyone engaged and having a good time.

If you're shooting a group, get everyone to interact with each other – this will help everyone relax.

The more your subjects focus on having fun, the more authentic moments you'll get to capture.

Include pets, if any

Girl playing with rabbit

If you have any adorable furry friends, don’t leave them out of the Easter photoshoot!

Pets can add a playful element to your photos, and help your subjects feel more relaxed in front of the camera.

Have your pets interact with your subjects or place them in the background.

If you have rabbits as pets, they can even be the centerpiece of your shot!

Just be sure to have someone on hand to supervise your pets at all times, and to make sure they are safe and comfortable during the photoshoot.

Happy Easter!

Taking family Easter photos can be a blast, especially with these photography tips.

Get creative and have some fun – your photos will be all the better for it!

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