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5 Tips for a Better Work Life Balance to Spark Joy in Your Life

You’re stuck in a routine. And that does not spark joy now, does it?

Eat, sleep, work, repeat. This pretty much sums up most of our days. And after a while, you bet it takes its toll. However, there are several ways to overcome this that does not involve selling your belongings and hitchhiking your way across the globe. So here’s 5 tips to a better work life balance right now.

1. Learn how to prioritize the right way

What’s the first thing you do once you’re in the office? If checking emails is your answer, then that’s where you’re failing. By attending to this, you’d probably end up spending a large chunk of time doing so. Additionally, you’re also sacrificing the most productive time of the day for something that does not require much thinking. Therefore, for the best work life balance, learn to prioritize and tackle your day’s most demanding task first.

2. Understanding perfection does not exist

This one here is debatable. The strive for perfection doesn’t exist. And the faster you realize this, the better. The road to perfection often claims many victims as you start to spend way too much time at a particular task. Soon enough, micromanaging is a real problem and you’re overworked. Hence, learn to trust your instincts, team members and employees. And before you know it, you’re well on the way to a better work life balance.

3. Embrace the idea of doing nothing

When was the last time you did nothing? Unfortunately, tuning in to Netflix does not count. When we speak about the idea of doing nothing, it’s all about having time to think. Why is this important? Well for starters, this gives you time for your mind to wander and come up with creative solutions and ideas.

4. Start leaving work on time

Pulling an all-nighter really does more harm than good. Your mind and body is no longer in peak condition like how it was in college. Unfortunately, Red Bull does not give you wings either. When you make an effort to leave work on time, you’re automatically stepping towards a better work life balance. Meetings will be postponed for the next day and last minute requests will slowly stop, as people will start to respect your time the way you do.

5. Indulge in me time for optimum work life balance

All work and no play make everyone a dull person, let alone Jack. Therefore, for the best work life balance, remember to indulge in what brings happiness. Occasionally, it’s fine to be selfish. One can only do so much, if they themselves remain unhappy with their lives. Hence, take some spare time off to get your hobbies going. This includes anything from binge watching Umbrella Academy or taking the boat out for a fishing trip.

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