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5 Photos and Vectors to Quickly Produce a Summer Marketing Campaign

Summer is all about the happy vibes and colors. Therefore, your marketing campaigns need to match the season’s atmosphere. From cool getaway photos to vector sale templates, check out our stock content and quickly put together a cool summer marketing campaign for social media.

1. Summer Getaway

Travel is always on the cards when summer is here. For companies like Airbnb and Emirates, getaway ideas are always a popular option to showcase their brand and its services. Therefore, images like these are sure to be a firm favorite for their summer marketing campaigns.

2. Fruit Frenzy

There’s nothing better than heading to the park or beach, sitting under an oak or coconut tree and chowing down on some juicy watermelon! Hence, it’s a no-brainer to have them in your summer marketing ideas!

3. Summer Sale

For most of us, summer presents a fresh challenge; our wardrobe! Out goes the puffy jackets and silky scarves, on comes flip-flops and tank tops. And the best way for brands to attract consumers, are with a sweet, vector-inspired sale template.

4. Colorful Backgrounds

Summer backgrounds are always colorful and fun. While bright, bold colors are a great way to capture attention, pastel hues are a firm favorite. So make the most of your marketing campaigns with our attractive backgrounds.

5. Party / Event Invites

Summer is the time for partying. Be it an exclusive, members-only event in an underground club, or a Tomorrowland-esque raucous party, this is the season to scream, shout and let it all out. Along with parties, invites are a must. Lucky for you, we have some pretty cool templates for you to follow.

Looking for more summer marketing inspiration? Read up on our visual marketing guide and find out the hottest colors for this season!


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