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5 Must Haves For Your Next Photoshoot With Children

Kids are special, and there are often great moments with them that we think deserve to be captured. Whether you’re about to snap photos of your own offspring or someone else’s, here are our tips on making great shots.

When They’re Uncooperative

Have patience. It’s the number one thing that all photographers should have — lots and lots of patience. Especially when one is dealing with very young children! Quite honestly, we know that it’s not easy being a model, and definitely not a piece of cake for kids to stay still for long, in one pose. When you persist enough while shoving a camera in their faces, they’ll eventually stop squirming long enough for you to get a couple of great shots in. Allow for lots of time to deal with their childish antics, and be patient while having a photoshoot with children.

When You Need A Specific Angle

Incorporate some creativity in order to capture their antics at a certain angle. In the event of a sudden meltdown or temper tantrum, get the kids to laugh or grab their attention with something like toys. Bonus if it’s a toy that’s very colorful or interesting. We’ve found that chocolate works just fine, too!

Other than that, getting down to the same level as the children you’re snapping photos of will give you unique angles. You can picture seeing things from their height and perspective – cute.

Embrace Spontaneity

Life often surprises us with brilliant moments that never fail to amuse us or give us nostalgic vibes. Similarly, photographing children doesn’t have to be stoic and staged. Embracing the energetic moments that children automatically have will offer your lens some great perspectives. Take candid shots of children and don’t delete them immediately. Wait a while or until after the shoot to see if you can spin a visual story with their spontaneous antics.

Provide Fun Props

Toys and the like are the most fitting props to have, but they’re also not the most original! Try to experiment with other objects, like allowing kids to fit their feet into oversized shoes and pretend to be a giant or treat a suitcase as their personal spaceship. Trust their imagination to spark your own creativity. Identically, when you let them have the freedom to play, you’ll get to do the same with your photography.

Let Costumes Do The Talking

Costumes aren’t just for Halloween! Giving children the opportunity to slide into different personas when they put on a costume can give you great photography options. It’s not often we get to see the imagination and creativity children have put into action. You’re the magician here. You hold the key to spark their imagination. Conjure up different worlds, alternate universes and traverse across various dimensions to fuel their garbed antics! Something as simple as makeup and a curtain can provide a sufficient setting.

5 Must Haves For Your Next Photoshoot With Children 123RF Blog
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