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5 Inspirational New Year Resolutions for the Creative Industry

Searching for an inspirational new year resolution for your “new year, new me” mantra?

What does 2019 bring for us? For sports fans, a brand new Manchester United dugout. But what about the creative industry? For starters, we’ve handpicked a series of design, illustration, travel and lifestyle trends for the year.

However, does that guarantee a stable source to get your creative juices flowing? Probably not. Therefore, this guide shows you how to stay free of a creative rut with a series of inspirational new year resolutions for the creative industry.  

1. Pick up a new skill

5 Inspirational New Year Resolutions for the Creative Industry 123RF Blog - Vintage camera in a old briefcase

Always make time to invest in yourself.

The most important aspect of avoiding a creative rut lies in your ability to step out of your comfort zone. Don’t worry, we’re not asking you to drop everything and sell your home. Let’s get real here. Most of us have commitments, so we need a sustainable method to get those creative juices going. Therefore, try picking up a new skill. It does not have to be something out of the ordinary (although learning how to fly a helicopter does sound pretty cool).

An activity as simple as joining a pottery making class or even cooking, will do. Trust us, you’d be surprised to learn how food fuels creative inspiration. Once you’ve chosen your hobby, invest in it. Then watch how your mind slowly learns to adapt to new challenges, while altering your approach to problem solving. Both of which are essential skills to have in the creative industry.  

2. Get started on your fitness routine

5 Inspirational New Year Resolutions for the Creative Industry 123RF Blog - Traveler sitting on rocky hill with beautiful landscape

Make it a point to workout at least three times a week.

Your mind is only as healthy as your body. All that staring into your laptop and PC will, at some point, take its toll on your body. While we live in a fast paced environment where “it’s either you’re first, or last”, it’s just as equally vital to care for ourselves. And one of the best ways, is to workout. If heading to the gym is not your cup of tea, then try the great outdoors.

Play ball, go for a run, hike or even a walk. Whatever it is, just be sure to step out of the office. To ensure you stick to this active lifestyle, consider roping in your friends and family. Instead of heading to the movies for a date, try rock climbing. And before grabbing a beer or two with the boys, why not earn your pint by taking one for the team during paintball.  

3. Experience living abroad

5 Inspirational New Year Resolutions for the Creative Industry 123RF Blog - Graffiti at Hosier Lane, Melbourne.

Melbourne’s Hosier Lane oozes with inspiration from every corner.

Living abroad is great. Ask any traveler and chances are they would wholeheartedly agree. And why not? The chance to experience new surroundings is one of the best educational resources anyone can ask for. From languages to food, art and culture, the learning does not stop. However, as said above, we don’t expect you to drop everything and move. If a six month sabbatical sounds intimidating, then why not opt for shorter but more frequent getaways, spread throughout the year?

Alternatively, if you’re worried about getting work done while traveling, co-working spaces are your solution. These tastefully designed spaces are perfect for the creative industry as you have the best of both worlds – your personal space and the opportunity to network and brainstorm with like-minded professionals.      

4. Have a better work-life balance

5 Inspirational New Year Resolutions for the Creative Industry 123RF Blog - Happy couple going on a road trip

Never underestimate the importance of me time and family time.

All work and no play makes everyone a little dull, just ask Jack Nicholson in the Overlook Hotel. It leads to stress and eventually, a creative rut. With the industry crying out loud for groundbreaking ideas, this is where your innovative thought process will be relied upon. However, how do you channel this? The answer lies in investing towards your personal goals and desires.

And the only way to achieve that, is to ensure you strike a perfect work-life balance. The best of ideas can be born while you’re lying idle at home, because, you’re giving yourself time to think. Additionally, a great work-life balance also allows for the all important me time. So what are you waiting for? Step aside from your screens and take a moment to invest in yourself.     

5. Sharing knowledge with the creative industry

5 Inspirational New Year Resolutions for the Creative Industry 123RF Blog  - Colleagues working together in the office

Sharing your knowledge with others helps to widen your horizons on a subject.

Sharing is caring. We’ve all heard that one before. However, how does that relate to an inspirational new year resolution? There can be two outcomes to sharing your knowledge. Firstly, it enables you to rethink your assumptions on a particular topic. This is especially useful, as the creative industry heavily relies on breaking boundaries in a bid to remain original.

Secondly, by exchanging your expertise, you’re simply helping a fellow professional. It may not prove to be fruitful for now, but down the road, your generosity will come in handy to connect with a fellow member of the workforce. And as we’ve seen in recent times, everything from social media marketing to branding is set to rely on human connection. Therefore, allowing you to remain connected in a seemingly disconnected society.

2019 holds an ocean of possibilities for the creative industry. Our inspirational new year resolutions aims to help you maximize your potential as photographers, writers and digital artists. Whether you follow these tips or if you find your own, we here at 123RF wish you all the best for your projects ahead.

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