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5 Easy Steps To Create A Break-Apart Effect

The break-apart effect is a really cool way to bring your images to life and grab someone’s attention. You’ll first need to download the Debris Brush, which makes the job a whole lot easier. Time to turn on the magic!

Final Result:

Step 1:

Open the image of your subject. Here I’m going for a mime. To avoid space limitations for the effects, you’ll need to enlarge the image’s black space. Go to Image – Canvas Size and enlarge to any size you like.

Image ID: 4252044 © Igor Korionov

Step 2:

Create a new blank layer and name it Particles. Then, select the areas you want to “blow apart”. Follow this up by feathering the selection (with the Feather command) to soften the edges, which helps to make the effects look more realistic.

Step 3:

Now, select the Debris Brush we had downloaded. Set the Foreground Color (red) as the Background Color (black).

Then, simply use the Brush (B) to paint over the parts you want to disintegrate.

Step 4:

After you’re done applying the Brush, your image should look something like this.

Repeat the previous step, but change the foreground color to white to make the particles “explode” into tiny pieces.

Step 5:

Lastly, transform the particles (T) to add in a little bit of motion and shape. You can also make them more dazzling by throwing in some color.

Abracadabra! This is how magic looks like. Hope you had as much fun on this tutorial as I had conjuring it!

Here’s another image as an example.

Image ID: 1667459 © snehit

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