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4 Top Fitness Diets to Try Right Now

Fitness diets come and go faster than death in Game of Thrones. And 2019 is no different. While classics like the keto and gluten-free are becoming the norm, the year brings new additions to our plates. Check out these 4 top meal plans to help you push towards your fitness goals.

1. Mediterranean diet

4 Top Fitness Diets to Try Right Now 123RF Blog - Salmon with olive oil and herbs

Pair this with a glass of wine and you have a perfect meal!

According to the U.S. News and World Report, the Mediterranean diet is the top ranked diet for 2019. However, what exactly is this diet? Backed up by the folks who live longer in this area, this fitness diet focuses on beans, fruits, veggies, herbs and olive oil, supplemented by poultry, eggs and yogurt, in moderation.

Throw in a glass of red wine, and you have a winner right there. However, the best part of this diet is its convenience. Unlike many fancier meal plans, the Mediterranean does not require a large bank balance to make it work.  

 2. DASH diet  

4 Top Fitness Diets to Try Right Now 123RF Blog - Herbs and spices on display

Swap salt with spices to add flavor into your meals.

The DASH which stands for dietary approaches to stop hypertension, is another firm favorite on the list. There’s no rocket science to this fitness diet, as its all about eating healthy meals; something that we’ve already known since day one.

This meal plan narrows down to lean protein, veggies and low fat dairy, that are all rich in blood-pressure deflating vitamins like calcium, protein and fiber. If you’re finding it difficult to integrate this diet into your lifestyle, simply start by adding a serving of fruit and veggie to each meal.  

3. Flexitarian diet

4 Top Fitness Diets to Try Right Now 123RF Blog - Healthy eating with vegetables.

Turn boring veggies into soups for a hearty meal.

Born from the combination of two words, flexible and vegetarian, this fitness diet is one of the best options for weight watchers. While meat lovers may frown, this diet is not entirely plant based. So whenever the urge for a melt-in-your-mouth steak kicks in, feel free to indulge, on occasions.

To kick start this diet, swap meat options with tofu, chickpeas and black beans. This adds a level of satisfaction to your meals, something that’s often the problem when carnivores limit their meat intake. The flexitarian diet is also great for those on a strict budget, with trips to the butcher becoming less frequent.  

4. Whole30 diet

4 Top Fitness Diets to Try Right Now 123RF Blog - Fish with aromatic herbs and spices.

Fish is a staple to the whole30 diet.

This one will surely ruffle some feathers in the fitness industry. The Whole30 will to get you to stop consuming common food that may be the cause of bloating, inflammation sudden cravings and fatigue. So out goes the sugar, alcohol, dairy and grains for the next 30 days. Instead, fuel your body with lean meat, vegetables, healthy fats, and low sugar fruits.

Unlike other fitness diets, this one is a lot more rigid, as you’re not allowed to break the 30-day routine. If you do, you need to start from day one all over, because this is the only effective way to figure out how your body reacts to different types of food.

Although these diets fitness diets will help push you towards your fitness goals, bear in mind for best results, these routines must be paired with frequent workouts. Meanwhile, for more wellness inspiration, read up on our top health trends for 2019.


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