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4 Tips to Create Powerful Brand Storytelling

How do you connect your audience to your brand? One of the best ways to build trust, is via brand storytelling. Adding a background helps to humanize your brand and engage with your audience. Hence, it is no surprise to see this being one of the biggest buzzwords in recent times. So here are four tips to help businesses create powerful brand storytelling. 

1. Have a unique brand story

Your brand story is only as good as your brand value. So think of your story like your individual identity. Who are you? Where do you come from? What are some of your beliefs? All these questions help shape a brand’s identity. 

The key here is to be honest with the answers to the questions because a false statement will be reflected in your identity and people will be able to see through it. After all, the last thing you want is to be fake. Hence, always remember it pays to be truthful. 

2. Know your target audience

Once you’ve identified your identity, it’s time to look towards your target audience. These are people who will be your main customers. They’re the ones with the spending power so its key to capture their attention with your brand storytelling. 

Start with one buyer persona. Who are they? What problems are they facing? How much can they afford to spend on your product? Once the first version has been settled, continue creating a couple more and soon enough, you’ll have a set of target audience.

3. Make it personal 

The most important aspect for brand storytelling is authenticity. This is the only way brands can assure their audience can connect with their vision. So how do you achieve this? The best way is to create narrative with people. 

For example, Airbnb celebrates humanity with its magazine by showcasing the hosts of the homes and not just, a travel guide about a city. This allows the audience to feel connected to the company, which helps boost potential brand engagement. 

4. Use social media for brand storytelling

The final step to develop your brand storytelling is to focus on social media. This is the best platform to reach out to the mass audience. Hence, don’t just create a compelling brand story and publish it on your company website. Instead, this needs to be amplified and shared on social media.

For companies looking to take a step further, don’t shy away from running ads on your video or article which best captures your brand identity. After all, what’s the point in developing a brand voice when it’s only heard by the person sitting next to you in the office. 

In a nutshell, with these four steps, companies can now create better brand storytelling and reach out to the mass audience. Additionally, read up on how to build trust with your audience to ensure you’re maximizing your marketing efforts.  


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