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4 Benefits of Starting a Podcast for Your Business

Ever heard the term ‘content is king’? Chances are, you’re tired of this phrase, unless you’ve been living under a rock. Keeping up with this trend, one of the most popular forms of content in recent times, is a podcast. In conjunction with International Podcast Day on September 30th, we give you four benefits of starting a podcast to help grow your business. 

Acts as another content resource

Vidoes, check. Articles, check. What now? Is this the end of your content strategy? There’s no reason why it should be. In 2019, it’s a challenge for brands to capture people’s attention, especially on social media. 

Consumers are drowning in a sea of content, and this explains why posting once a day on Facebook and Instagram is barely getting your brand any engagement. The solution? Create and post more content! A podcast benefits your business as it acts as an additional source of content, which helps brands to boost their online and audio visibility. 

Helps repurpose old content 

Have a blog that’s been consistently running for the last year or two? Content distribution is one of the main problems faced by marketers. There’s no use in having over 100 well-written articles that are simply hosted on your blog’s archive. Hence, repurposing old content had been a popular marketing strategy in recent times, to help boost web traffic. 

A podcast comes in handy as it allows marketers to look through old articles, update them and turn in into a new format. For example, have a travel guide to Miami done in 2017? Simply add a couple of new attractions and repurpose it into a podcast.

Podcast builds brand engagement

It’s easy to develop a piece of content and put it on the blog or on social media. Unfortunately, that does not drive engagement. As mentioned above, the mass audience is drowning in a sea of content, so producing top quality content is the only way to get noticed. But this is easier said than done, thanks to the social media algorithm.

This is where the benefits of starting a podcast can be seen. A podcast acts as another branch to capture your audience’s attention. The speaker has more room to play with to narrate a story about the brand’s product to their audience. An interested user would then be more inclined to check out your brand’s website for more information about the services you offer.

Brands become more authentic 

We live in a world where click baits, fake news and false information are ever-present. So it’s important that brands for brands to establish trust between them and their customers. One way to achieve this is via your brand voice. 

When you start a podcast, you’ve a platform to speak to your consumers. This helps brands to become more authentic as they develop a voice through the host of the podcast. This also allows consumers to put a face to their favorite brands, which again, aids the development of trust and authenticity. 

So if you’re looking to grow your brand in 2019, consider the benefits of starting a podcast. Alternatively, learn how to build trust with your audiences with our marketing guide. 


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