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3 Problems Content Creators Face And How To Solve Them

Content creation doesn’t happen at the snap of one’s fingers, rather with a lot of research, planning, and creativity thrown into the mix. There’s time-consuming image searching going on as you struggle to create or come up with a unique visual that adds value to your content piece. Then you tweak and edit as you go along, adjusting your images, content angles and call to actions.

You have to think about phrasing what hasn’t already been said before so you don’t sound like a blatant content regurgitator. While content creators aren’t miracle workers, at times they do produce masterpieces that are, well, magic to a business. But nothing is forever smooth sailing; there are always issues that will pop up occassionally. Curious as to what they are? Here are three problems content creators face.

Finding and Then Creating Visual Content

We all have 24 hours in a day, but we aren’t always at leisure to use them as efficiently as we want to, or as we are expected to. This is especially apparent when there are content creations heavy on visuals, and these are usually high on the priority list. While some content creators usually have design backgrounds or have intensive creative program knowledge, the vast majority are copy-based. But now, we’re definitely seeing an increase in hybrid content marketers out there who do great work with all art forms they excel in creating.

Cut down on the time you consume visual searching with our tips on getting better search results in our massive library of stock content. This usually involves filtering or searching by your favorite contributor’s work. Take advantage of the reverse image search (literally dragging and dropping an image you want to find similarities of). 123RF makes things easy for you to create content.

Actually Visualizing Data

Believe it or not, not all content creators excel at presenting data to their audience. There’s usually a lot of headache going on, but here’s how to avoid all of that hassle instead. Using ready-made templates or pre-designed infographic templates will actually help you save time and effort. [And maybe money from hiring a designer to add your data into visuals (for which they would charge you anyway).] Honestly, any template in general that’s been pre-made for your content usage will work wonders for you. That’s how you can quickly and easily remove a data-visualization roadblock. Being able to access a quick and easy image editing tool is a content creator’s lifeline, too!

Wondering What To Create And Where To Find Inspiration

If you’re a content creator, you’ll likely have experienced at least one of these moments: Countless times we’ve sat and stared at our screens before getting up and taking quick walks while churning ideas in our heads. Often times we bounce ideas off each other. We ride through brainstorming sessions that flip light bulb moments upside down and around town. Other times, it’s death and disaster for the state of our ideas. It’s normal, we’re human, and we need some form of inspiration to spark creativity. One thing you can be absolutely sure of is that the ideas will come. And they’ll be great.

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