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3 Game-Changing Techniques to Master 123RF's AI-Powered Search Feature!

Ready to push the boundaries and play with new possibilities? Here are our top three experiment ideas that you absolutely must try with 123RF's AI Search feature.


Get Fast Image Search with Conceptual Storytelling

A hand placing down wooden cube blocks with emotions

Our AI-powered search goes deep, understanding abstract concepts and even moods. Try searching for an emotion, a state of mind, or an abstract concept. For instance, type in "joy of discovery" "serenity of solitude" or "chaos of creation" and watch as the AI pulls up images that beautifully reflect these complex ideas.


Dive into the Power of Visual Attributes

Geometric pastel color paper background

Ever thought about searching for images using visual attributes like color or texture? Now's the time! How about a search for "red and gold festive vibes" for your next holiday campaign? Or "soft, pastel textures" for a serene blog background? You'll be amazed at the results!


Experiment with Demographic-Specific Searches

A young Asian woman practicing yoga in a park

The AI Search feature also recognizes human-based attributes like ethnicity, age, and gender of models in an image. Need a "young Asian woman practicing yoga in a park" for a wellness article, or perhaps a "group of multicultural seniors enjoying a beach picnic" for a retirement planning brochure? Type it in, and you'll get spot-on results in no time!


Remember, our AI-Powered Search feature at 123RF is not just a tool; it's a playground for your imagination. So go ahead, start experimenting, and witness your creative horizons expand like never before!

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