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3.9 Viewing Your Contributor Profile, Earnings and Download Statistics

1.0 Introduction


You will have an existing portfolio as soon as you register as a contributor on 123RF. You can view all your accepted images which are available on the 123RF’s website.

2.0 How to check profile & portfolio

Accessing the profile & portfolio. Below are the steps on how to access your profile & portfolio.

  1. You have to login

  2. Access the Contributor’s Dashboard.

  3. Click profile & portfolio to see the content which includes images, illustrations, footage, audios and exclusive logos.


3.0 View your portfolio

  1. On your Portfolio page, you may see all your basic details such as: – real name – location – date of join – number of profile views

  2. Below your basic information you will be able to see the collection of all your accepted content which are on 123RF’s website.

  3. The total amount of content that has been accepted and available on the 123RF is shown right below your basic information.

  4. On the top right of your portfolio, there is a search box that enables you to find content within your portfolio by using keywords

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