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How to View Your Earnings

Created your 123RF account and started getting downloads? If you're wondering how to track your Earnings, this guide is for you! From your Contributor Dashboard, you are able to see how much you make on a daily, monthly and yearly basis. Let's show you a rundown of how the Earnings Page works.

Checking Your Earnings

From the Contributor Dashboard, you will see a graph showing a summary of your monthly earnings for each year. Next to the graph is a summary of:

  • Your accumulated Earnings for the month

  • Your total Earnings you've made so far

  • The amount of downloads for the month

  • Your total downloads

To view your Earnings in more detail, click on the Earning Details tab.

Here you'll be able to see your Monthly earnings by clicking on the "+" buttons for that year.

At the bottom of that page, a summary of your Grand Total accumulated, Total Paid Out and the remainder Earnings Balance is located.

You can view your Daily Earnings by clicking on the Month or by clicking on the Daily Tab.

To change the Month and Year of the Earnings shown, click on the section with the calendar icon.

You may also download the detailed Monthly Statistics by clicking on "Download CSV".

To view a breakdown of your Downloads for the Day, click on the specific date or the Download Stats Tab.

Similarly, you may view the Download Statistics for different days by clicking on the section with the calendar icon.

Your Payment History will be shown in the last tab. This data will be updated at the end of the month after the Scheduled Payments have been made.

If there are any discrepancies or any information that is unclear, feel free to contact us via our email at and we are more than happy to assist you!


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