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25 Things To Do During Quarantine At Home

With everything on hold until we find a vaccine for the COVID-19 virus outbreak, the world waits with bated breath behind closed doors. And while we are all doing our best to flatten the curve and help healthcare workers stay healthy, and keep on doing the amazing work they do – there’s no denying that at times, being confined in the space of our homes can affect us mentally. So, what exactly can we do to keep the restless feelings at bay? Here are top tips from 123RF that can help you keep busy and alert, without the health paranoia settling in.

Image by Leszek Glasner, 123RF.

  1. Pick up an instrument to learn, or grab that guitar or ukulele that’s been sitting in your storage room for ages… you know, the one you’ve always promised yourself you’d play someday… well, what better time than now?

  2. Learn how to do calligraphy. There’s nothing better than having beautiful art in the form of the written word. And if you like your masterpiece, frame it up!

  3. Literally kick back for Netflix and chill, baby. Watch all the shows you’ve placed on your Must Watch list.

  4. Pull a Marie Kondo on different sections of your home, and get organized! An organized place is a clean place, and that’s what really matters in this period of the virus.

  5. Consider completing that DIY side project you’ve started, but never ended up finishing.

  6. Give your home some TLC! Fix all the things in your home you’ve been meaning to get around to.

  7. Learn how to paint digitally, and do some digital shading while you’re at it.

  8. Play board games with your kids, spouse, or loved ones to lock-in that family time. Even better when those games take you down nostalgia lane.

  9. Learn a new skill, such as cooking, especially new recipes you’ve never tried before.

  10. Read those books you’ve purchased but have been sitting untouched on your bookshelf for ages.

  11. Reorganize your wardrobe and pick out some clothes for charity donations.

  12. Have long-distance friends, or just want to video chat with your gamer gang? Use Skype, Discord, or Google Hangouts to connect.

  13. Workout at home with free fitness videos available on Youtube.

  14. Try your hand at free online image editing tools like Pixlr X. Follow along with some Pixlr tutorials to get your creative juices flowing – you never know when you might pick up some fancy design skills!

  15. Have long talks with your parents or grandparents, or family members and really get to know them – discover what they’ve been like in the past, and what they aspire to become.

  16. Create a gratitude list of everything you are grateful to have during these times.

  17. If the loneliness is getting to you at home, and if you don’t already have a pet, consider adopting one from a shelter.

  18. Try your hand at baking (you don’t need to have an oven, a microwave works just as well).

  19. Reshuffle the furniture in your living room or give your bedroom a makeover.

  20. Design a logo of your future brand with Logomaker.

  21. If you live with others, try doing a fun treasure hunt within the house!

  22. Try out online art workshops and get creative.

  23. Create a virtual party with your friends and use whatever you have in your liquor cabinet.

  24. Decorate your walls with some DIY crafts that you can learn online.

  25. Flex the big muscle that is your brain by building Legos (optional: with your kids).

Image by lightfieldstudios, 123RF.

Overall, keep social distancing to a maximum and remember to wash your hands for more than 20 seconds at least. Staying clean and keeping the rest of the community healthy and safe is key to beating the COVID-19 virus!

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