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25 Tech Stock Photo Templates For Your Content Creations

Do you struggle to find the right kind of gadget layouts for your digital content creations? I know I do, sometimes. The trick is to use the right keywords in any stock library’s search bar, but we don’t always know all of them. I find that keying in “template” or “mock” or “mockup” works for me. Switch those around and pair them with the tech gadget you need, like “laptop”, “tablet” or “smartphone”. The results are normally satisfactory, but if I want something more specific, I’ll add in “feminine” or “business”. Of course, this really depends on what I’m creating. Check out the types of tech-related templates I normally use below.

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The Savvy Smartphone

We all need this handy gadget in our lives, and since everything is mobile-friendly these days, here are some great editable templates.

The Dynamic Desktop

Whether you’re gearing your content toward gamers or designers, everyone should have a durable desktop PC. Extra points if you’re (humbly) flexing a custom setup that you built on your own. Either way, here are some pretty sweet ready-to-use templates.

The Traveling Tablet

I don’t know about you, but I literally bring mine everywhere. There are so many things you could use these readily available mockups for. Like if you’re designing for an app, you’d get a lot out of these quick and easy-to-edit templates.

The Loyal Laptop

Look no further than our content library for tech stock photo templates that are easy to resize or fit your own text, images and visuals.

Not feeling any of these stock photo templates? Just run your own search on 123RF with the keywords that fit your specific creative needs. Simply include the “template” keyword to narrow down your search results. If you need a proper walkthrough, here’s our ultimate guide to achieving better image results.

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